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20 Aug 2019
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Hello all

Finally a new shed has been erected in our garden, months after demolishing the old one. I didn't do it, of course.

Now that the shed is finished, I need to paint the damn thing because of a colour scheme from swmbo.

Few questions:
1. I assumed it must be easier to hire a quality airless sprayer (I don't want to buy the thing) and do that job rather than painstakingly brush / roller the thing. What would be a good hire place that one can suggest on here?

2. Do i need to apply a clear varnish coat after the layers of paint?

3. Do I need to coat the inside of the shed or is it just outside?

The shed is not a living space or an office, it is just a shed, so I'm not bothered about how it looks on the inside, but will do it if it really is required. But the wife wants it to look nice.

Thanks in advance.


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5 Oct 2021
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You can buy a high volume low pressure sprayer very cheap which can handle most paints and are quite easy to clean up. For airless I guess you'll have to Google hire places. Cuprinol sell a fence paint sprayer which looks exactly like a plant sprayer and I have successfully used a small plant sprayer for preservative in the past.
I don't think many finishes would need a varnish on top. Sprsying a silicone waterproofer onto bare wood cladding does keep it cleaner especially in the splash zone near the ground, so you could consider that
I presume your shed is made with treated timber so no need to paint inside unless you want to.