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Advice from Jet JPM-13 CSX Owners?


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23 Apr 2008
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A Wood Haven
I got one of these a little while back. Its a great bit of kit, just what I'd always wanted from a thicknesser. My only niggle is the infeed and outfeed tables. It seems impossible with the mounting holes provided to really level the infeed table exactly to the actual thicknessing table. The outfeed table I've almost got perfect, but could be a little better. I can of course lengthen the bolt holes on the tables to allow a little more movement or I could just remove the tables all together as its doing a fine job without proper support. But I haven't done any lengths over 1m yet and that's where those tables will come in handy to avoid snipe I think. Advice from anyone would be great before I take a file to the holes, just encase I'm overlooking something obvious.