Accurate table saw needed

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Hi pal, I am based in Northern Ireland also. I am a cabinet maker and have about 30years in the industry, if I was to offer you advice then it would be the rail saw, it's my go to saw when i wish to dimension full sheets, it's safer, and can be very accurate. I am blessed to have a 3HP Laguna 3 cabiney saw which takes care of really most of the rest of the sheet. Save your pennies buddy and get a good rail saw with ideally 2.8 metre single rail, yes it's expensive but then so is your fingers eyes and health. When I started building my tools I filled every space, not good, have a long look at your workshop and layout, sell all the tools you don't use, give priority to a large flat torsion box assemble table, if possible try and site it central in the shop and allow room around, this will make a great safer central area for resizing sheet stock. All the best regards Louie
Have a look at js koubou on YouTube for making a wall mounted panel saw. Commercial ones are not cheap.

I have a planer/thicknesser and it's absolutely fine - no snipe. It's a metabo 3 phase (on wheels). Only thing is, it could do with longer planer beds.