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Although I only do woodworking as a hobby these days I find this little item one of the most useful things in my workshop. Available from the excellent Axminster Power Tool Company, http://www.axminster.co.uk The Glue Applicator Set, http://www.axminster.co.uk/default.asp?part=GS1 comes in very handy when glueing up all sorts of projects. Basically you get a plastic bottle with a removeable roller head and a set of nozzles. You can use the roller to apply glue over a flat surface or change over to one of the various nozzles and use for dowelling work, biscuit joints etc. Stock # GS1. I tend to use a glue called Titebond II which is a good all-round glue and is fairly weather-proof so comes in handy for out door projects as well. I've had the Glue Applicator Bottle filled with Titebond II for some months now and as long as you keep the bottle top sealed it'll never go hard in the bottle, meaning it is ready for use whenever you need it :)