A market sub section for buying abroad?


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14 Jan 2020
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Evening, night, morning.. It a late post..

Of course, currently travel is restricted but moving forward I'm wondering about the viability of a sub-section in the marketplace to link up members travelling with members searching for items not often/easily/cheaply found domestically eg-certain Japanese hand tools, lots of useful dewalt/makita/milwaukee accessories, worm-drive skilsaws and plenty of other stuff we do not get for one reason or another that doesn't make a lot of difference to many of us hobbyist's.

Im not sure this is the right place for this thread and its something for the mods to consider more so than a subject of conversation but member input and opinions would be helpful in how/if it could work. Maybe something as simple as posting if you are particularly in search of something from somewhere and allowing the thread a similar period of time to what the wanted/sale sections have/had for members to reply to it if they happen to be travelling to that place; i imagine many of us would still take time to look at tools while abroad.
For instance, someone travelling to japan for a few weeks may be in a position to help facilitate someone here getting stones or chisels a good deal cheaper and likely quicker than finding them online at auctions used or paying retails + shipping and import if they can instead be packed in luggage and brought home for collection/domestic delivery.

It would have to be seen how it could be dealt with in terms of payments but i imagine letting people decide between themselves whether to agree on something to keep an eye for and a budget payed in advance or just a see it and tell me how much it is/was deal would be sound enough as long as people use good judgement and communicate well.