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A DVD guide to spoon carving


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22 Mar 2010
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Newton Abbot,Devon
I've long admired the skill of the people who carve Welsh love-spoons and had a go at carving a couple of simple spoons but have recently come across a DVD that shows you how to carve an intricate spoon. The DVD is by Adam King, the son of Stuart King whom many of you may have seen in the Buckinghamshire area demonstrating green woodwork and lots of other crafts. He has quite a few videos on You Tube.

Adam King is a professional spoon carver http://www.adamking.co.uk/ and shows you how beautiful spoons can be carved with half a dozen carving tools and a hand fretsaw. His workbench is a sloping platform you could set up on an old table so you could do this hobby in the smallest of sheds without needing any power supply and at very low cost.

Also on the DVD is a lesson from Ralph Hentall, a spoon carver from Hertfordshire, who I've seen at various craft shows. Ralph demonstrates chain link and figure of eight work.

Stuart King as well as acting as cameraman demonstrates how to make a simple cawl spoon from a freshly cut log. Finally there's a Romanian making a spoon with an axe and a knife.

I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD which is over 2 hours long and can see the attraction of a hobby with little dust and the chance for some creative designs!