3M 7500 spare parts (7582 inhalation valve)


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21 Jan 2017
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Hi folks,

I just bought some new filters for my 7500 mask, but when I went to fit them I noticed that there was a rubber disk on the inside of one side but not the other. I did a bit of searching, and it looks like I have somehow lost one of the 7582 inhalation filters. I wasn't expecting this to be a big deal, but the only places I can find that have them available are 7582 Inhalation Valve - For 3M 7500 Series half masks Pack of 10 (who will sell me 10 of them for 36 quid) and some international sellers on eBay where prices start at 2 for around £27. But for less than £30 I can get an entire new mask, complete with 2 filters, and keep my existing valve as a spare!

Am I just looking in the wrong places? Are these available more cheaply elsewhere?

Hmm, also just found that the Trend Airshield Pro ear defenders are now generally available, as are the "big blue" ones for the Axminster Evolution. Maybe I should bite the bullet and give one of those a go. Just wish I'd thought about that before buying new 7500 filters!

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