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18 Feb 2011
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Switzerland, near Basel
Addition to Part 4, Building the Front Wings

Someone sent me a PM and pointed out that in Part 4 which I posted the other day, I didn't cover the actual laminating of the top surface very clearly. Looking back through my photos taken at the time (I think it was in 2014 or 5) I see that's correct, I have no photos of the actual "process".

OK, so once I'd got my head around the need for the upper former to allow for the o/a thickness of the laminations, it was quite simple really. The upper former, being 4 laminations of 19 mm MDF, was quite heavy. So having mixed the "Cascamite" I simply coated the first 1.5 mm lamination then laid the upper former on top of that while I coated the second lamination - and so on. As you can see from what's left of the original (second attempt) former, it was well covered with scrap plastic bags and sellotape.

Only after I had all the laminations roughly in place did I then clamp the whole lot up, using the cut outs I'd pre-cut into the formers of course.

Sorry that I don't seem to have any photos of the process, nor of the wings actually in the clamps.

I had a quite big difficulty finding "Cascamite" here which, as there are several wooden boat builders on the big lakes here, I found rather surprising. I thought that glue is an absolute must for boat builders, but perhaps they use something else (no doubt a different trade name or something). Anyway I did get some in the end (direct by internet/post from the new owners of "Cascamite", a company called Polyvine BTW) and because of the long drying time the above procedure went fine.

I'm starting on Part 5 (Steering) now, while thinking about how to repair the accident to the LH Front Wing at the same time.

Part 5 should be along in a few days (weeks???).

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