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Forklift Truck

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  1. nails says:

    Looks great. I made one of these a few months ago for my godson. I like the way you have made the winding handle from metal and used wire instead of cord, mine has a wooden winding handle with nylon cord and I didn’t really think it was man enough for the job. I put metal Mecanno pulley wheels on top of the fork mechanism as the cord kept catching on the end of the loops on mine. I should post a few pictures. Mine was beech with mahogany lifting mechanism and wheel arches and was my first attempt at anything like this. Blizzard’s books are great.

  2. shultzy says:

    Hi, I’ve also made this and a number of Richard Blizzard’s models. Yours looks great. Just to nit-pick the wheels would look better if you made the centers out of wood. I made the same mistake till a friend pointed it out.

  3. paul1020 says:


  4. hitch says:

    Just seen these comments. Thanks for the feedback.

    Time was not on my side toward the end!

    The string/wire, as it was for my own son, i was happy to use steel cable, the ends on it were connectors from chocolate blocks cut in half.
    I used the cable as the few types of string/cord available at the time wern’t up to the job.

    /the handle, i figured metal was the way forward with this, as a full time metal fabricator, it was by far easier and quicker than the Blizzard designed crank handle.

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