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  1. ydb1md

    beading tools

    I heard a rumor that Veritas has a new beading tool in the works and a UK woodworking magazine had a scoop on it. Has anyone come across mention or pictures of a new beading tool? Is it wood, metal, due out on April 1st 2009? :duno: regards, Dave
  2. ydb1md

    removing rust from tools

    I've bought a few tools on the 'Bay that needed some surface rust removed. I've tried most of the usual methods -- from steel wool to CLR (a chemical). I've never tried electrolysis, though. What's worked best for me has been cheapo lemon juice from the grocery store. It's more acidic...
  3. ydb1md

    Pemuvar ?

    Does anyone have any info on Pemuvar planes? I hear about them from time to time but can find much info on them online.
  4. ydb1md

    some bullnose cousins

    Since picking up a Record 077a off of eBay a few months ago, I've become a little infatuated with the little pippers. Something about their purposefulness and diminutive size makes me a sucker for them. Anyway, here are a few picks of my growing group. From left to right, the planes are...
  5. ydb1md

    my Krenov plane

    I emailed Jim & Britta Krenov a few months ago and asked to be put on the waiting list for a plane. Mine arrived today w/ test shavings in the mouth. The wood has a unique smell to it. Maybe it's osage orange? Just my first guess. It worked great out of the box and even better after honing the...
  6. ydb1md

    My first infill plane

    I received my first infill plane today. It came all the way from Australia. Below the picture of mine is a pic of a premo-version that's for sale in the U.K. My goal is to rehab mine to a similar condition.
  7. ydb1md

    new LN small router plane

    I ran home today for lunch to snap some pics of the new small router plane. Sorry for the iffy image quality -- I think my camera was out to lunch too.
  8. ydb1md

    My rescued no8

    Below are some pics of a no8 that I brought from the dead. I purchased the body a number of months ago on eBay. I spent quite a while searching for a frog, blade, chipbreaker, tote & knob. The plane came painted w/ flat black paint to cover up some rust and flaking japanning. I spent a lot of...
  9. ydb1md

    My UK 4-1/2

    A couple of months ago, I won an auction for a 4-1/2 that was over in the U.K. I never got around to posting any pics or the story so here it is . . . When I won the ad, I failed to notice that the seller didn't take PayPal or any form of electronic payment. If I mailed her a check, it would...
  10. ydb1md

    never knew that woodworking shows were so dangerous

    My wife and I just got back from the woodworking show in Chantilly and I've got to say, I never realized how dangerous woodworking shows could be -- to your wallet. I walked in expecting to spend some money but man . . . :roll: The Lie Nielsen booth was one of the smaller ones there but it...
  11. ydb1md

    Amaaaaaazing Norris

    Link here
  12. ydb1md

    LN's new nickers

    I just received my skew block plane back from LN. I sent it to them to be retrofitted with their new round nicker. Out of the box, the nickers are a lot more useful than the old cloverleaf nickers. The round nicker only protrudes about 1/32 or less below the sole -- I only opened the box at 9pm...
  13. ydb1md

    Gloat enclosed

    Well, I haven't been able to gloat for a while but here's a good one. Below are some pictures of a saw that MikeW just wrapped up for me. I can't to make some cuts with this beauty! The specs are as follows: 14" blade, 3-1/2" depth of cut 10ppi filed rip a glorious cocobolo handle Cheers!
  14. ydb1md

    Stanley 4-1/2 / Record 4-1/2

    Has anyone used or picked up a Record 4-1/2 smoother or compared them to the Stanley 4-1/2s?
  15. ydb1md

    The chip breaker is as important as the blade

    I've got some older Stanleys that had been tuned up but were still chattering on difficult woods. Having exhausted all the usual fettling tricks, I ordered a Hock blade for each plane. The hock blades helped a lot but I was still getting chatter. I had done all of the other important stuff...
  16. ydb1md

    L-N #140 has been updated ?!

    I was checking out the Lie Nielsen site and saw that they just updated the #140 skew block planes. The nickers are now circular rather than cloverleaf and they changed the fence adjusters from flat head screws to thumbscrews. Man I'm jealous (******?) I just got my #140 for Christmas. :x
  17. ydb1md

    Lie Nielsen #1 & #2 bench planes

    Does anyone here own or has anyone here used a LN #1 or #2 bench plane? I've used my block planes as mini-smoothers when I'm building small boxes but was wondering how the smallest bench planes would do -- plus the idea of a reeeaally small bench plane is kinda cool too. :)
  18. ydb1md

    Record Combination planes

    Does anyone know which of the Record combination planes came with nickers for crossgrain work?
  19. ydb1md

    Our new bed

    I just wrapped up a new bed for my wife and I. It's constructed of solid maple -- about 100bf worth. The finish is analine dye with a wiping-poly topcoat. All of the structural joints are drawbored mortise & tenons.
  20. ydb1md

    Record 044

    I've only had a couple of hours to use this little plane but I gotta say, it rocks. Making grooves is fun now. Dragging out the electric router is a hassle and I never look forward to trying to think of how to capture the dust, clean up the shop etc. The cutters are a little rusted from...