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  1. Vormulac

    Advice sought about possible tribunal

    I am wondering if I have a case to bring against our HR department for harassment. Early last year I found out that the Agency I work for (I’m a civil servant) offers an advance on our salary to pay for travel cards – I do a London commute so it’s an expensive business and this sounded like a...
  2. Vormulac

    Next project: Window Seat/Ottoman - any thoughts?

    Hi folks, As it looks like I might eventually get my workshop emptied of other people's junk (mutter mutter long story) and finally be in a position to be able to do some work in it, my wife has requested a window-seat or ottoman (padded seat with concealed storage, at any rate) for her study...
  3. Vormulac

    What happened with the Stanley Premium planes?

    Hi folks, For various reasons it's been a few years since I was here on the forum every day and I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Before my hiatus I remember there was much interest about Stanley releasing a range of premium planes, although if memory serves Chris Schwartz had...
  4. Vormulac

    Are there any plumbers on here?

    Hi guys, I need some advice about our hot water system. We moved into a new house about six months ago and have come to realise that the wiring and plumbing was done by someone with some peculiar ideas about how things should be done. Now the hot water system is pretty new, and supposedly...
  5. Vormulac

    Lighting in projects.

    Hi folks, I've been asked to create a little shelving unit for the other half's nail varnish collection. It'll be going into an area without particularly good lighting so as colour is an important factor in choosing that vital nail varnish, I want to incorporate some white lighting into the...
  6. Vormulac

    What hinges are these?

    Hi folks, We have just taken delivery of a load of furniture for an elderly relative. One piece is one of those 'chair that turns into a step ladder' things (I apologise for being a peasant and not knowing the proper terminology for such a thing) and I see that one of the hinges is broken. I...
  7. Vormulac

    Has anyone used CarGiant? Hoping for legal advice.

    Hi folks, I realise the only previous post on here regarding CarGiant is a comment from me five years ago singing their praises, things have changed. I recently had to trade in my beautiful Subaru for a more frugal vehicle and bought a 57' Ford Mondeo. In the five months I've owned it it's...
  8. Vormulac

    Wood flooring sources?

    Hi folks, I need to get some wood flooring for the front room and would like to do it in the same stuff as the rest of the downstairs. The previous owners left a pack behind so I know what it is, 15mm 'Kahrs Ardenne' light oak - does anyone have a good supplier for this stuff? I'd never heard...
  9. Vormulac

    Skirting board - tools and tips?

    Hi guys, As the only bloke in our circle of friends of a practical nature, I tend to get loaned out to the various wives to sort out their diy (stop sniggering at the back!). I have been called upon to install some skirting board this coming Friday, but that's one thing I've never done before...
  10. Vormulac

    Mirror hanging advice

    Hi folks, It's a long time since I was on here, life has been very busy and a couple of weeks ago we moved house. My feet haven't touched the ground since we moved, my diy skills have been in use every day (apart from the last few days when I was hospitalised!) but I have hit a snag. We have...
  11. Vormulac

    What kitchen?

    What ho chaps, At some point in the next couple of months (all being well) I will be moving into a new home. The kitchen in there is perfectly serviceable, but I've been promising myself a decent sized kitchen for years, so we'll be knocking down a wall to create a spacious kitchen/diner type...
  12. Vormulac

    Happy New Year, folks.

    Ok, a bit belated perhaps, but best wishes for the upcoming year anyway. Crikey, I'm away for a few months and look how the old place has changed, can't leave you lot alone for five minutes... :wink: V.
  13. Vormulac

    How much have people's work shops cost?

    Hi folks, It seems possible that I will be moving house before too long and none of the houses on the market have suitable outbuildings for use as a workshop. So with this in mind, would those of you who have built your own workshops from scratch mind telling me how much it cost, along with the...
  14. Vormulac

    Burst eardrum.

    Hello folks, Mine blew last night, was wondering how long it takes to heal properly? Cheers! V.
  15. Vormulac

    Milwaukee parts?

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying the Milwaukee 18V drill and impact driver and evaluating all the options, one of which is buying from the US where they're a fraction of the price. Does anyone know if the US chargers are multi-voltage and would work over here? Also, are the fittings on the...
  16. Vormulac

    Customer complaint email address for Philips?

    Good. Grief. I have a very nice bean to cup coffee machine, a Gaggia Synchrony Compact Digital, I've had it for a couple of years and it got to the point where it desperately needed a service. It seems that Gaggia were recently taken over by Philips, so my service enquiry was handled by them...
  17. Vormulac

    New impact driver advice

    Hi guys, I know this is a road well travelled, but the threads on impact drivers tend to meander I'm not sure how recent the most recent one is! I have had a Performance Pro (B&Q) one for a few years now and although it has been surprisingly good, the batteries are now largely knackered and...
  18. Vormulac

    Legal advice

    Hi all, This is a request for info from any lawyers that might frequent the balmy shores of UKW. I don't want to try to wheedle info out of you that you would charge for usually, but there is so much contradictory information on the internet I was hoping for some guidance. At it's most basic...
  19. Vormulac

    Bosch GSR3.6Vli screwdriver - any thoughts?

    Hi folks, I see that Screwfix are currently selling the little blue Bosch GSR screwdriver for about £35, does anyone have one of these and care to comment? Most of the comments on the website are actually pretty negative which I was surprised to see given the regard in which blue Bosch gear is...
  20. Vormulac

    Please support the ladies.

    Hello folks, One of my colleagues at work is a member of the London Rollergirls, the Roller Derby European champions (Roller Derby is like the film Rollerball but without a ball. Or motorbikes. And with more girls. Ok, it's nothing like Rollerball come to think of it). They are hoping to travel...