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  1. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    Hi all, I've just had a bandsaw blade fail on me and it's left me scratching my head. The blade in question is Tuff Saws SuperTuff Fast Cut 3/4" purchased back in September. It's a fairly thin blade at 1.5mm and developed a crack front to back between teeth. I've had three of these blades...
  2. Mead Camans

    Record Power BSD250 drive belt

    Hi all, Longest of long shots here, but does anyone have any clue where I might find a replacement drive belt for my Record Power BDS250 belt & disc sander? Failing that, does anyone have such a spare part gathering dust in a shed that I could part with some cash for? I've of course...
  3. Mead Camans

    Anyone own these "Bessey" clamps?

    Hello all, Has anyone got any of these clamps? They look alright and would be a bargain if they stand up to the original Bessey clamps. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers, George
  4. Mead Camans

    How do YOU present concepts to clients?

    Hi all, Just been thinking about this important aspect of the design process. I guess it's pretty much the very end of the design process! How do you go about presenting clients with a design? Do you use technical drawings, a 3D CAD model (possibly even a full 3D rendering if you're fancy) or...
  5. Mead Camans

    Wadkin ASG10 crosscut/mitre fence

    Hi all, Does anyone own a Wadkin ASG? And if so, what do you do for a crosscut and/or mitre fence? I've just bought one and it didn't come with its original, so I'm looking for other options. There are lots of after-market mitre fences out there obviously, but these tend to be a bit on the...
  6. Mead Camans

    1ph vs 3ph

    Hello all, I'm looking at the Sedgwick TA315 table saw for regular heavy duty work and I notice it comes in both single phase and 3 phase, both with the same performance ratings and price. Forgive me if this has been addressed a million times before, but what exactly is the difference? It...
  7. Mead Camans

    Numatic TEM390A M-Class fault

    Hi all, About three months ago I bought a brand new Numatic TEM390A M-Class workshop vac from Axminster. As far as I could tell, it's one of the most affordable M-Class vacs out there and I was impressed with the claims it made as well as the onboard power socket with the auto-start. Today as...
  8. Mead Camans

    Cascamite WBP

    Hi all, This is the first time posting on here for me and I have a question. Is anyone else really struggling to get hold of Cascamite? Specifically the Water and Boil Proof stuff? It's the main glue I use in my work and I'm pretty stuck without it. It's sold out everywhere I look at the...