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  1. mtr1

    Big Caste Grinder, How to Restore?

    Check the bearings would be my first thought.
  2. mtr1

    Spoon Carving

    Nice video Graham, thanks for posting. I've been making a few spoons lately, it's really nice sitting on my workshop step with my son or daughter giving me pointers, and helping with the sanding. It's a great way to get young children into using tools and using their brains for something...
  3. mtr1

    Can I do this?

    Thanks for all the replies, I've spoken with a welder who works on the farm where I rent my unit, and he has offered to Tig some shims on. The reason I didn't epoxy and or try to solder, was when I slide the meat on it needs to not catch and rip the meat, I figured I could file/grind the...
  4. mtr1

    Can I do this?

    I hadn't considered epoxy, I will give it a try. What kind of aggressive flux would I need if the epoxy doesn't work out, or just for future reference.
  5. mtr1

    Can I do this?

    Can I solder brass to stainless steel? I have some stainless skewers that are slightly to small for the holes on my rotisserie, so when I load them up they slip a bit and cook uneven. I am using brass shims at the moment, but when I take the skewers out, often they fall into the charcoal and...
  6. mtr1

    Cedar cladding.....needs replacing due to wrong nails used

    The oxalic acid should remove some of the stain, it can remove iron stains in oak I have found, but never tried on cedar. It's cheap so give it a go, or just stain and move on.
  7. mtr1

    New Iron to big.

    I tried the adjuster knob both ways as it has more travel if you turn the knob upside down, or the right way depending how you start. It was still projecting a mil out when the knob had hit the end of travel.
  8. mtr1

    New Iron to big.

    Just went into the workshop to check, and yes I can, in fact I've just done it with my Dremel. Plane now working without taking a mil off every stroke,thank you.
  9. mtr1

    New Iron to big.

    So I've just got a new iron for my record 9 1/2 and it projects out of the mouth on its first setting by about a mil. So option 1, send it back, any replacement would potentially be the same? Option 2, grind off the offending projection, potentially losing the temper if I pineapple it up, then not...
  10. mtr1

    Fitting drawers - wider at the back?

    Is it possible you are just measuring wear, the drawer runners/guides that you have shown look like pine, and the drawer sides hardwood. I've done quite a bit of restoring in the past and have had to replace pine runners/guides because the oak sides have worn them out. I was taught to make the...
  11. mtr1

    Centre of gravity and tipping for a stand

    I think once you fill the cabinet it should be fine, but if you are worried once you get the drill on top and if it feels top heavy, I think it would it be possible to mount the casters/levellers out from the side thus widening the cabinet. I have done something similar to my Boxford, only I...
  12. mtr1

    Any advice on hand thicknessing?

    Timber selection is the key to all hand work, and having enough to select the flattest and straightest to start with before touching it with a plane or saw. Understanding how the timber will behave when you have ripped/re sawn it will help also. I understand you are making small boxes so your...
  13. mtr1

    My New Clifton 5 1/2

    Yes, good to see the brass yoke has taken the backlash out a half turn from the one I inspected. It's a cracking plane really, and will do the job well.
  14. mtr1

    The other side?

    Not for me, sigh. TBH every two/three weeks I'm unable to access t'other side, no idea why probably Jase and his big ban button.
  15. mtr1

    The other side?

    I can't get on there either, pity as I was going to update my workshop build.
  16. mtr1

    New Graphite Clifton 5 1/2 Passaround

    I don't mean the function of the cap iron Paul, I didn't make myself clear. The cap iron came with a few burrs on, no biggy there just file them off, but the play in it means that when I place it back in, its not quite parallel with the front of the iron and can pivot half a mil. Again I...
  17. mtr1

    Vaneer Supplier

    Capital Crispin veneers are very good also.
  18. mtr1

    New Graphite Clifton 5 1/2 Passaround

    Yes, the iron is very good indeed. Just the lateral lever, the knob nut (sorry),the yoke, and the cap iron to go, and it's the best on the market. I wonder how much these trivial things would add to the cost really, £20-£30 on a plane? That would make it virtually the same cost as the L/N, I...
  19. mtr1

    New Graphite Clifton 5 1/2 Passaround

    Alan Reid missed a trick IMHO by not finishing the plane a little better, the majority of premium plane users in the US are hobbyists and very loyal to the American market. They would need something better to shake their loyalty, is there a reason from the price point that Clifton can't step up...
  20. mtr1

    New Graphite Clifton 5 1/2 Passaround

    The funny thing with bedrock planes/ frogs in general, is that they are a bit like adjustable shelves, adjusted once then left alone. The frog can be removed via the two screws at the back, I think, like I said adjusted once then left alone it must be years since I've felt inclined to adjust mine.