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  1. mtr1

    Can I do this?

    Can I solder brass to stainless steel? I have some stainless skewers that are slightly to small for the holes on my rotisserie, so when I load them up they slip a bit and cook uneven. I am using brass shims at the moment, but when I take the skewers out, often they fall into the charcoal and...
  2. mtr1

    New Iron to big.

    So I've just got a new iron for my record 9 1/2 and it projects out of the mouth on its first setting by about a mil. So option 1, send it back, any replacement would potentially be the same? Option 2, grind off the offending projection, potentially losing the temper if I pineapple it up, then not...
  3. mtr1

    Cast iron hinges.

    Does anyone have a source for good quality cast iron hinges? My client would like his door to reflect the period of the house which is Georgian and would like all the hardware to be from the right time also. I did a search but all that came up was a thread about old ones, not new ones. Hafele...
  4. mtr1

    Is this rare?

    I saw this and wondered why, is it very rare? I know Norris planes are sort after but why the interest in this one?
  5. mtr1

    Lie Nielsen A2 Steel.

    OK I've had this LN no4 for a while now, the blade has been re-ground out of necessity a few times. This has been mainly due to little nicks in the blade forming when the edge crumbles, I usually only use native/euro timbers like oak, ash, sycamore, hardly demanding timbers.I thought I would...
  6. mtr1

    Brown oak coffee table.

    Been a while since I posted a project, anyway here is one I'm doing at present... I have had this board of oak for some time, always with a mind to making a coffee table when I moved into my house. Anyway here's a few wip pics. Start with a rough board, and cut to length for the top, legs...
  7. mtr1

    Oil finish for a floor.

    So I'm thinking of using danish oil for a solid wood floor(Elm) in my house, would it be suitable? I have used it on my worktops and like the finish, but I don't walk on my worktops. I also have some BLO and some raw plus some teak oil, would any of these do? I should add that I've run out of...
  8. mtr1

    Tenoner help please.

    My tenoner kept tripping today, so I called my sparky and he removed this from the switch box.... Once removed its been fine since, but we need a replacement asap but no one knows what it is. Its a brook crompton switch that is on my 3 head sedgwick. Was wondering If anyone has more of a...
  9. mtr1

    Festool MFK 700

    Anyone got one of these, I have a few jobs coming up and want to switch from iron on edge(which I don't like) to solid. Thought this might make a nice neat job of it. It seems to be well thought of in the states, but I can't remember seeing anyone doing a review over here.
  10. mtr1

    Fibonacci gauge

    So I'm going to make one of these, and wondered where to but the little brass rivets? I've had a look in my local shops but can't seem to find them, I google brass rivets but couldn't find the ones I wanted either. They are about 10 mm long and and have a male and female post any ideas? Thanks...
  11. mtr1

    Bit of decking

    As requested by pm, here's a few pic's of a deck I did last summer. Thanks for looking.
  12. mtr1

    Oak fire surround

    Just got this fitted today, Its been cooking next to their aga for two weeks, one small check that I repaired today. Thanks for looking.
  13. mtr1

    Blanket Box

    Just finished this, I've made it to sell, but I might keep it. I realise it's not to most peoples taste on here, but I'm liking this traditional stuff more and more lately. I would say that most of my market seem to like this more trad stuff too, age, rural location, older properties might be a...
  14. mtr1

    Cast steel edge tools

    when I first started as a apprentice cabinet maker, I was given a few chisels and old wooden planes by my grandfather. Now I still use these occasionally, when the mood takes me. Bearing in mind that I probably haven't sharpened them for a long time, mainly because they hold an edge so well...
  15. mtr1

    Sole flattening

    About 20 odd years ago I flattened the sole's on two planes, No5.5, and a No7. I did this on glass with valve grinding paste, all flat, sorted. Today I checked my No7, and it wasn't flat anymore :? It was touching at the front, mouth and heel, so it's fine to use(I haven't noticed). I was...
  16. mtr1

    My new chisels

    I just have a few questions, Ok so I've been using my new Ashley Iles chisels this week on mainly oak. I was just wondering if it's normal for the edge to crumble a bit? I don't remember my marples doing this, but to be honest that was twenty two years ago. I really love the chisel's apart from...
  17. mtr1

    New chisels

    I am getting a new set of chisels soon, and am interested in three makers at the moment, Lie-Nielsen, Ashley Iles, and narex. I will be using these everyday for my work as a cabinet maker, I am using the marples split proof jobbies, and various other chisels that I have picked up from boot fairs...
  18. mtr1

    Shop vac

    In the next few days I am going to be purchasing a shop/site vac, it will be one of the festool range, either the 26 or the 36. Do any of you guys own one of these? do I just get the smaller one, that's about £100 less? or are there advantages to the bigger 36 apart from the capacity, I notice...
  19. mtr1

    Design Work for a client, help required

    I have been asked to design a new line of furniture for a ecclesiastical supplier. I have done some sketches for them, and they want me to go ahead and start making. But they would like some form of cad/sketchup representation, I have tried to do this with sketchup but have had no luck. To be...
  20. mtr1


    I have a few items for sale, that no longer get used. All are in good working order, and have only been used by me from new. They can all be seen working. The first is this compresser that has done about 2hrs work. I would like £80 +p&p The second is my saw bench and its 110v and requires...