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  1. Mead Camans

    Isotunes or other Bluetooth ear protection

    I've got 3M Worktunes which are pretty good. Maybe not as much noise protection as stand alone ear defenders, but still adequate. Battery will give you maybe a couple of days of constant use before they need recharging. Good sound quality too! Peltor Worktunes Only Bluetooth SNR 24 dB Ear...
  2. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    Ok then. Seems the answer is more tension! 💪
  3. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    It's one of these: 3/4" - SuperTuff Fastcut 2281mm - 2735mm
  4. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    That is what I assumed! But they've told me almost the opposite. See last post.
  5. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    I think I will phone in future yep. Bearings and whatnot are all good as far as I can see. 👍
  6. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    Had a response. My main take away was: Tension – too low, it’s really difficult to over tension these blades and most of the time more tension is needed rather than less Never considered I wasn't putting enough tension on! Also mentioned was cutting stock too thin. Apparently these blades...
  7. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    Email has been sent in the least whingy tone I could muster. 😆
  8. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    UPDATE: Having examined the blade, there are five other cracks of varying sizes. In other words, multiple points of failure. 😕
  9. Mead Camans

    Bandsaw blade breakage

    Hi all, I've just had a bandsaw blade fail on me and it's left me scratching my head. The blade in question is Tuff Saws SuperTuff Fast Cut 3/4" purchased back in September. It's a fairly thin blade at 1.5mm and developed a crack front to back between teeth. I've had three of these blades...
  10. Mead Camans

    Looking for a Hinge Mechanism

    I think I know what you mean. A chap in my unit did the same thing and he ended up making the mechanism himself, so perhaps a ready made product doesn't exist. It ended up working a treat for him, but he did have to put the effort in, making a mock up etc.
  11. Mead Camans

    Record Power BSD250 drive belt

    Nice one, thanks Phil.
  12. Mead Camans

    Record Power BSD250 drive belt

    Hi all, Longest of long shots here, but does anyone have any clue where I might find a replacement drive belt for my Record Power BDS250 belt & disc sander? Failing that, does anyone have such a spare part gathering dust in a shed that I could part with some cash for? I've of course...
  13. Mead Camans

    How do you deliver a large table?

    Short of doing it yourself so the buck stops with you, then it's +1 for art handlers for me. The guys we used in my old work were great. Big Luton van, all carpet-lined in the back with boxes full of packing and padding material. They knew how to handle things with respect and asked the right...
  14. Mead Camans

    Clamping Idea

    I'm a big fan of the Plano clamps. They mount on the wall so they're out of the way whilst the glue cures and like the example above, they hold the boards flat to each other. They're a bit fiddly until you get used to them, but well worth the effort. Those look like a pretty good alternative...
  15. Mead Camans

    Usefulness OF A Sliding Carriage Table On A Spindle Moulder

    As folk have already mentioned, the carriage is useful for joinery, especially tenonning. At my old work, we did a fair few bridle joints, which a carriage like that would be ideal for as you can do both the tenon and the "mortice" on it, the mortice being open ended of course. The Yanks would...
  16. Mead Camans

    Blocking mice?

    I think wire wool can be used to plug mouse-sized gaps.
  17. Mead Camans

    B&Q selling birch plywood!

    Wouldn't be the first time I've seen something unexpected in B&Q. A few years back, they were stocking waney-edge oak slabs! Maybe they still do... :unsure:
  18. Mead Camans

    Anyone own these "Bessey" clamps?

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. I know the Axminster versions have handles that hinge 90° for extra leverage. Sounds like a good idea, but I've heard it said that this means they can get abused a lot more and can break or bend. Not seen the DeWalts before. I'll check them out.