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    Charles Nurse & Co

    Hi all, I came across this centre bit branded C. Nurse & Co, which on relevant threads here informs me it is Charles Nurse of Walworth Road, London. There is another mark on it that I initially thought was a fat guy with OHN BULL below it which took to be John Bull. Am I on track? Apologies...
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    R. Lloyd & Co. Birmingham

    Hi, I recently picked up this traditional iron brace branded (I think) R. Lloyd & Co. Research has led me to Richard Lloyd & Co of 135 Steel House Lane, Birmingham, England. With a possible manufacturing date of 1862 to 1873. Am I on the right track and can anyone add any info to this...
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    Wooden gutters.

    Yesterday, in Perth WA, I attended an event for elderly folk to showcase the many options available in retirement. Five of us, members of the hand Tool Preservation Society of WA, had a display which as usual drew a large amount of interest. One gentleman told me an extremely interesting story...
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    Horlick ratchet corner brace.

    A friend of mine in the US recently purchased this ratchet corner brace branded HORLICK, and we are wondering if it may be British as he's pretty sure it's not American. There is a ratchet direction engage/disengage button either side and once selected a position lock on top. Any clues...
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    Another mystery tool.

    Hello all, What do you think this is? It looks like the shoulder pad of a breast drill, the only info' is "PATENT" stamped into the shank, tapered square socket on end without provision for a locking screw. Length overall: 4 1/2" length of pad: 4". Socket tapers from 21/32" to 15/32" over depth...
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    Auger bit with detachable cutter.

    In our conversation on the Gedge bit, Andy T mentioned a auger bit with a detachable cutter which was described in the 1846 reference book: Volume 2 of Holtzapffel's "Turning and Mechanical Manipulation" and asked if I had one of these bits. As it happens I do, a 5/8" branded Mathieson and the...
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    Gedge's Pattern Auger bit.

    I've been trying to find the patent for the Gedges pattern auger bit but no luck so far. I have attached two photos of Gedge style bits. The two shorter bits are branded: James Swan Cook Patent USA this is a reference to Ransom Cook who patented this bit on June 17 1851 (US Pat' 8162)...
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    Cox's Patent Winner

    Hello all, I recently aquired this worn out 3/8" auger bit by W. MARPLES & SONS with additional branding "COX'S PATENT WINNER". I've had no success finding an auger bit patent for Cox and am wondering if the significance of the word "WINNER" is perhaps it was an award? Cheers, Geoff.
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    Post Drill

    I was recently given this post drill and I'm trying to identify the manufacturer. The only marks on it are the number 2189 cast on the advance wheel and possibly an L on the mainframe. To give some idea of the size of this tool the hand wheel is 19 inches diameter. The thread retaining the...
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    Abbreviated Brand. "MADE IN ENG"

    On a thread below, titled "Brace query : Stanley No 909" a couple of us discussed a brand on a tool which reads "MADE IN ENG". I am certain this is not a case of faulty branding, time eroding the rest of the brand or overenthusiastic cleaning. I have never encountered this abbreviation of...
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    Brace query: Stanley No 909.

    A contributor to the Aus' Woodwork forum has a brace branded STANLEY No 909 - 10IN and MADE IN ENG. I have never encountered a tool branded with England abbreviated like that and not come across that model number either. It looks very similar to a Stanley USA No 945. I found, via Google, an...
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    Mystery tool

    Hi all, We had this as a mystery tool at the recent WA Wood Show. Nobody could tell us what it is. I have a feeling I've seen it on this forum previously but searching back twelve months couldn't find it. Cheers, Geoff.
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    Wilson Hawksworth & Ellison Co. Sheffield.

    G'day, I recently purchased this nice little 7" brace from the USA. It's branded Wilson Hawksworth & Ellison Co. Sheffield with quite prominent padlock trademark. Also C & M 85 is more heavily punched into it. I wondered if the C&M may have something to do with their address at Carlisle Works...
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    Tool ID.

    We were discussing tank cutters earlier in the week and I posted a photo of this one. I think it's British made but has a brand that I don't recognise so I'm hoping some one can give me some info. The brand WOODHURST is arched in the middle. This is the only mark on it any clues? Cheers, Geoff.
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    Beech & Pond. London.

    Good morning all, I bought this 7" brace at a swap meet on Sunday. It is marked "Beech & Pond. 108 Old St London EC" on the chuck and on the frame "Steel 7in". The only information I can find on Beech & Pond is this thread below from 2009. Where the OP mentions the dates 1895 - 1905. A...
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    Mystery Logo.

    Hi and Merry Christmas to all, This brace is a chrissy present to me from me. I can't make out the makers logo. There is nothing on it to indicate the place of manufacture but I'm pretty sure it's British. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers, Geoff.
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    MELCO Brace.

    Hi all, I picked up this brace recently, it is branded: MELCO 1952 ^ ( this a Gov't arrow) and BC3052. The business end has a tapered socket 3/8in wide at the mouth and a bit over an inch deep, while the other end has a massive head nearly 4 1/2in wide. There's a single 7/16in steel ball as a...
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    British Made Drill-Brace.

    Hi all, The accompanying photo is, as you will all know of course, a drill-brace, in this case a Millers Falls No 182. It is two tools in one, a breast drill and with the removal of the cranked gear wheel it becomes a common brace. An article in The Fine Tool Journal Vol 66 No 3 has a photo of a...
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    Two Sheffield tools.

    Hello, I've recently acquired two tools that I would like to get a bit of information on if you are able. One is a double ended screwdriver that goes in a brace. It has branded what looks like NORR.........LTD below that SHEFF......NG. There is what is possibly a logo above the script but the...
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    Mystery tool.

    Hello again, I have posted this mystery tool on the Australian Wood Work Forum, we haven't got a definitive answer so I thought I'd see if any one here knows. The tool is made of brass though the rivets and pins are steel. On one arm is stamped JASON and on the other PAT...