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    Pyrograph machine

    Evening all. Any recommendations for a pyrograph machine. Not really looking for top of the range, just want one that'll do the job and be reliable. Thanks in advance. Dave
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    CBN Wheels

    Has anyone bought a 40mm wide CBN wheel to fit a Record 8" grinder ? I'm thinking of upgrading to CBN and I wondered if there were any pitfalls. I've read that the bushing set from Axminster isn't compatible with this type of grinder unless 'alterations ' are made. Thanks in advance, Dave
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    Shed advice

    I've just bought a new 12 x 6 shed to house equipment for woodturning (garage space getting a bit too cluttered). I'm after advice regarding insulation. I've heard that if not done correctly, it can cause problems instead of curing them. If it's best to insulate (warmth, noise etc) what's the...
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    Another name game bit of fun

    Following on from Baldheads name game, how about this one. Your membership name using brand names found in the workshop. Get your thinking caps on. Stanley Trend Elu Axminster DeWalt York Estwing Dremel Disston Irwin Ever-Build Dave
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    Wadkin knives

    Just been looking through a few boxes of "stuff" and came across some Wadkin planer kinves. They're a bit too small for conventional planers though. The markings on them state Wadkin 180 - 30 - 03 as being the size. Any idea what machine they're from, 4 cutter possibly ? Thanks in advance. Dave
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    Ask a silly question...

    "Where do you want this roll of bubble wrap?" I asked my boss, "Just pop it in the corner" he replied...... Three hours it took me #-o
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    All change at radio 1

    So, Chris Moyles is leaving radio 1. I'll miss I always do! :wink: Dave
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    A bit dodgy, to say the least....

    Saw this on "a well known auction site" today. I don't think I would like to use it for the purpose it's being sold as :shock: ... 0972710886. An accident waiting to happen methinks. If anyone out there buys it, let me know how you get on :wink: Dave
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    Odd size fire doors

    I'm after a couple of half hour rated Sapele veneered fire doors. 1 - 2040mm x 926mm 1 - 2040mm x 726mm Anyone know where doors of these sizes can be bought "off the shelf". Location not too much of a problem as they will need to be delivered rather than collected. Thanks in advance. Dave
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    Anyone going.... this show on 12th & 13th of May. I've been for the last 2 years, and i've got to say, it's really good. Free admission & free parking too! All the usual suspects will be there so something for everyone I should think. Dave
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    Doctor, doctor

    I was showing my doctor a nasty rash on my "willy" yesterday. He seemed pretty uncomfortable and didn't really want to touch it. All he said was "Make an appointment for Monday morning" and carried on pushing his trolly round Tesco. Dave
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    Just for St Patricks Day

    2 Irishmen working in a field. Paddy is digging holes, Mick is filling them in. After 9 holes a woman asks "Why are you digging a hole and the other lad filling it in?" Paddy replies "Well, there are usually three of us, but the fella who plants the trees phoned in sick this morning" :) Dave
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    Apologies to the Welsh

    I asked my Welsh friend how many sexual partners he'd had. Bizarrely, he started counting and fell asleep :lol: Dave
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    "Getting wood"

    My wife told me to go to the doctors to get some of those tablets that give you an erection. You should have seen the look on her face when I came back and tossed her a bottle of slimming pills. :lol: Dave
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    At least the postage is free

    Just wondered if anyone is in the market for a new set of 6 chisels/gouges. I can't imagine anyone would be interested in these. ... 2c5a43342a. A bit pricey for an "unknown" make in a box. But, as I said, at least the postage is free :lol: The worrying...
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    Employment law

    Anyone familiar with employment law etc. I could do with a bit of advise. I've been told my office job within the company has ceased and will be amalgamated into other peoples duties. My two options are; 1) Take the offer of re-deployment back to the bench 2) Be made redundant . I've been told...
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    woodturning magazine - episode 2

    Congratulations Richard on your diary serial in Woodturning magazine. Looks like it's going to be an enjoyable series & I shall be following with interest. Other folks might like to know that Johnny T was featured in the November issue (nice tidy workshop JT) and there was also a small piece...
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    Collet for router

    I'm trying to locate a 1/2in collet for an overhead router. Fairly simple so far, now for the difficult bit. The router in question is a Holy Wood HR7 ( :?: ) Any help or advice appreciated. Dave
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    Poor Chap!

    Man walks into WH Smith and says "Do you have that new self-help book for men with small willies?". Girl says " I don't think it's in yet". He replies " Yeah, that's the one". :lol: Dave
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    Galileo Thermometer

    This has been on the "to do" list for a while, finally got round to doing it after a bit of "encouragement" from the missus. The main structure is Maple & the small finial on the top is American Black Walnut. It measures about 275mm overall with a base diameter of 110mm. Let me know what you...