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  1. Sru

    CNC help in Bristol?

    Long shot I know but is there anyone in the general West or SW Bristol area that could help CNC a design into the lid of a project for my daughter? Making her a ear ring storage unit to keep them away from her cats :) I'd like to engrave a treble cleft into the lid in order to fill it with...
  2. Sru

    Advice needed : repair walking cane

    Wonder if any kind soul can offer some advice. An elderly village resident I remotely know dropped round and said he head I "did" woodworking. He had an old walking cane that came apart and wondered if I can put it back together. Naively I thought "how hard can that be" and said I would be...
  3. Sru

    Side table for settee/armchair

    Small project to use 2 bits of walnut acquired cheap. The foot slips under the char body and gives somewhere to put beers/coffees aside from an armrest. They are both the same colour but photo badly , think it is the grain direction. Bit of a mistake on the bevels .. but there you go :)
  4. Sru

    Curved laminated leg side table

    After a few failed attempts, finally managed to get a laminated leg that I was reasonably happy with using. The project was initiated to use up a slab of wood I had lying around and did not want to waste. Was also a chance to add a bit of resin .. and yes, it leaked all over the bench :)...
  5. Sru

    Rutlands digital wheel marking gauge and digital sliding bevel first look

    Well, being the sucker for the incessant Rutlands emails, these two actually looked useful. I kinda hate my exiting crappy marking gauge (another "buy cheap" failure) and, being a geek, anything digital is appealing. I paid for these myself and do not receive anything from anyone except cups of...
  6. Sru

    Harvey COMPASS MG-36 Miter Gauge first look

    Hi all, Got a bit of spare cash at Xmas and was fed up with the crappy Rutlands "Premium" mitre gauge - about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Could not hold an angle if it was welded in position .... plus the missus always tells me off for buying cheap rubbish only to whinge about it within...
  7. Sru

    Axminster craft blade clamp

    Not sure if I really wanted to use one so went for an Axminster craft scroll saw. Omg, the blade clamp is driving me mad. I replaced the bolt with a wing nut to make it easier but the blade still keeps slipping out nearly every cut no matter how tight it is screwed. My only solution had been...
  8. Sru

    Toxic wood : informative read

    Though it worth sharing a good article listing the known adverse effects certain woods can cause. USA centric as usual but as newbie, made me think more about masks etc.
  9. Sru

    Sabre 350 and 1/4" blades ... can't get guides right

    After any advice. Running the Sabre 350 with 1/4" Tuff blade. All the advice on setup tells me the guide wheels need to be behind the teeth so these don't rub when the blade displaces side to side. Only problem is that the runner on which the 3 guide wheels sit won't go far enough back...
  10. Sru

    Daft little job yesterday morning

    Daughter's birthday so had a few hours to kill before seeing her. Decided to try the old, hackneyed bandsaw reindeer ... first attempt and was pleasantly surprised. Could not spend a few hours sanding them perfect but a bit of danish oil gave them a nice colour. One more new thing learned :)...
  11. Sru

    Discovery : good glue spreader from a foam brush

    Sorry if this is common knowledge but this discovery meant I have now got a few months supply of glue spreaders. Trying different finishes on scrap wood resulted in going through a lot of those cheap foam brushes. After one fell apart (again) I noticed the plastic support bit underneath the...
  12. Sru

    Veneer question .. cut first or after

    I am about to do my 2nd project, a picture frame for my daughter's Xmas present. I have got some lovely veneer and want to sandwich a veneered strip between 2 thinner strips to finish the edges. The veneer bit will only be about 1cm wide. Do I veneer a wide strip on its backing wood first or...
  13. Sru

    First ever project attempted

    Not been working with wood for very long (a few months in anger) - still learning the very basics. But my wife was keen to get a new jewellery box so used this as a teaching aid. - sliding dovetails for the drawers - forgot to add the dovetail depth onto the drawer depth calculations .. duh -...
  14. Sru

    Things I learned in the last 6 months

    So, finally gave up life with computers and managed to start the hobby I always wanted, massacring wood under the guise of "woodworking". Thanks to this forum and the wonders of Youtube, the last 6 months has been a constant learning process. Wood is evil .. the flattest, straightest board...