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  1. boardgamer

    Which Osmo for floors?

    I've been using Osmo Polyx oil (3032, satin) on all my furniture projects for years, but for the first time this week I used it on a small patch of floor (long story, not relevant). The finish is great, but rather smooth. That's tolerable for the bit I've used it on, but I have future plans...
  2. boardgamer

    Concealed Hinges - Large, Polished Brass Finish

    These are 19x95 zinc alloy concealed (like Soss) hinges, with a polished brass finish. As per here ... 1788?VAT=1 They were too large for my project (a butterfly table), so they never came out of their box. I have two identical pairs. Ironmongery...
  3. boardgamer

    Mobile Base - SOLD

    Mobile base, adjustable for various sizes. There are levers that drop the base onto (adjustable) fixed feet on one side. The sticker says it is rated up to 230kg. £20 plus postage. (I haven't weighed it up yet, and I'll probably partially dismantle for transport, but postage will likely be...
  4. boardgamer

    Frame Saw - SOLD

    This is a German frame saw (probably from Dictum originally), similar to the ones on here Condition is essentially as-new. £20 plus postage (which will probably be £7 by courier, due to the size.)
  5. boardgamer

    Festool Dominos - SOLD

    My construction tends to be on the smaller side, so I'm clearing out some of the larger Domino sizes that I'm never likely to use. 10x50, four packets of 85. £8 per packet (or £30 for all four). 12x100 25 dowels, 12x140 25 dowels, 14x140 25 dowels. £15 total. DF700 Connector SV-SYS D14 set...
  6. boardgamer

    Sit-Stand Desk - Completed Project

    I want a sit-stand desk for my study. I've used these desks in the past, and found them very therapeutic for my dodgy back. I'm not interested in the Heath-Robinson options of putting my monitor on a stack of books and so on. I'm after a dual-desk solution, as I can't deny my good wife the...
  7. boardgamer

    More Armac Martin Castors - Reduced Price

    Set of fancy Armac Martin castors as per I think the finish on these is Antique. Unused. These are the 32mm plate size. New price just over £100! Was £32, now £22, including postage.
  8. boardgamer

    Armac Martin Castor Set - Reduced Price!

    Fancy castor set as per Wheel diameter 62mm. Finish is (I think) Antique Brass. As new. Was £30, now £20 including postage for set of four.
  9. boardgamer

    Strange Bessey Clamps - SOLD

    I've not been able to find out much about these clamps. They're marked KL30 and KL40. The nearest are the Bessey Klemmy HKL30 clamps, which are a very similar design, although my heads are plastic, and they are wood. Same clamping mechanism though. Grubby on the surface, but otherwise in...
  10. boardgamer

    Axminster Toggle Clamps - SOLD

    I've got 6 of the type A toggle clamps (as per ... sel=500314) and 3 of the type B clamps ( ... sel=810468) They are all unused (mostly still in the plastic). They cost about £7 each, I'm selling the lot for £28...
  11. boardgamer

    Mini Ligno DX Moisture Meter - SOLD

    Excellent condition. Includes the meter, instruction manual, chart to convert for various woods, plus a plastic case/wallet. £25 Measuring Range: 5-65% dependent upon species setting Resolution: 0.1% for values below 10% and 1% steps above 10% Species Corrections: 20 settings for wood species...
  12. boardgamer

    Sandvik screw clamp

    Sturdy, good quality clamp. £9 including postage.
  13. boardgamer

    Bessey S10 Mini Vice - SOLD

    Handy portable vice, offering parallel clamping with the guide rods or skewed clamping without. Fixes easily to a surface with the supplied base clamps. Excellent condition. £12 including postage.
  14. boardgamer

    Jarrah Veneer

    During my workshop tidyup I've come across a packet of Jarrah veneer. Some of the pieces have a split, and others are "wavy". I know nothing about veneer - is this normal, or are these pieces only fit for firelighting?
  15. boardgamer

    400g Japanese Waterstone - SOLD

    205x77x53. Almost certainly the same one as Axminster sell (as coarse waterstone) for £55. £22 including postage. (And if anyone can tell me how to get pictures inserted with the right orientation, I'd be very happy. I've added, deleted, rotated, saved, added, deleted this picture more times...
  16. boardgamer

    Rockler Clamp-It Assembly Square set of four SOLD

    As per title. Excellent condition. Amazon has them for about £13 each, Was asking £25, now £20 (plus postage) for the set of four.
  17. boardgamer

    Blum 155 degree Cabinet Hinges 70T750 (Sprung)

    I have six pairs of these hinges. All either new or very lightly used (they look new). I also have 5 1/2 (!) pairs of the screw mounting plates (standard Blum part, 175H7100). Total £20 plus postage at cost.
  18. boardgamer

    Festool Paper Sacks for CT22 Vacuum 452970

    I normally use a long-life bag, but thought I would try the disposable version. I don't like them, so back to the long-life for me. There are 3 sacks remaining (completely unused). Best price I've found is £24 for 5, so I'm asking £9 including postage.
  19. boardgamer

    Milescraft SignCrafter - SOLD

    Router base and set of templates to allow letting to be produced using a router. I may have used this once (maybe not even that), and it's looking like I never will, so off it goes. Includes everything you need (except the router). £15, plus postage at cost.
  20. boardgamer

    Veritas Wonder Dog & Pup - SOLD

    As per ... s-ax480180 Wonder Dog £15 Wonder Pup £13 Both in excellent condition - I've hardly used them. Postage at cost.