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    Bird, Bat and Anything Nest Box Challenge.

    This isn't a new box but is one I lashed together about 18 years ago I guess. This was the visitor a couple of days ago.
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    I think the remit was "sculpture" rather than carving. I'm surprised so many of them went with large carved pieces. Incredibly hard to do. I thought Joe was a bit hard done by. I actually didn't think much of the snail as it looked unrecognisable as a snail to my eye.
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    New Surface planer problems

    I might be wrong, but I could see that if you start with a convex arc then the planer will just keep producing that. The same thing happens with a hand plane because you can take a continuous shaving over the whole length following the arc. The planer is effectively an upside down plane over...
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    Tips for improving woodworking accuracy

    We're getting a new kitchen. The guy making it for us (small 2 man operation with a nice big workshop - they were kind enough to show me around) came round yesterday to discuss some of the details. He said the next stage is for him to make the rods which he will bring back to check the fit and...
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    Sash window - a bit lost

    Different context, but my Dad used to have a few hundred feet of wooden glass houses in Guernsey (originally they were built for grapes, and then moved into tomatoes and, finally, cut flowers). He frequently had broken panes and was telling me last week that the repairers would hold a large...
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    The Warrington Chest. Patternmakers Tool Chest and Tools 1888.

    My copy of this book arrived today. I haven't read much of it yet, but from a quick flick through it looks great. Well done to everyone involved.
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    Are there any golden rules for making solid and stable tables?

    I'm no expert so feel free to take what I say with a large pinch of salt, but that sounds very weak indeed to me. I could see a the legs falling off if someone dragged the table or bumped into it. To build a table without stretchers would require some kind of hidden structure (e.g. steel).
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    Clamping Woes....

    I've got some of those Axminster ones and they're fine. I've also got some Rutlands ones and they're a bit more heavy duty.
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    tru oil vs peacock oil

    I've used try-oil on rifle stocks which have then been used regularly for many years in sun, wind and rain and it's incredibly robust. It doesn't crack, chip or scratch. I did try using it on a maple box I made and it was probably a bit yellow. On darker woods (such as my walnut rifle stocks)...
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    I completely agree and have always viewed it in the same way.
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    But I think many financial advisers will tell you that with interest rates so low it's better to put the money to work elsewhere. However, that doesn't factor in the psychological side of things. I paid my mortgage off ASAP (strictly, it's not paid off because it's an offset mortgage, but it's...
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    Hand Cutting Ornamental Mouldings.

    Thanks for this. I bought a small set of carving chisels a little while ago but haven’t used them yet, but this is great inspiration. I need to practice sharpening them as well…
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    Gonna try a box again, how best to do the lid.

    Veneered panel for the lid is probably the best way to go. You need to veneer both sides of the lid or else it will warp. If you want the panel flush with the sides, then you will likely have to put an inlay to hide the joint between the lid and the sides. This box is made in that way (this...
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    Interesting discussion this. I'm 46 and have been in a (frankly) overpaid but highly pressured and stressful (for me at least) career for nearly 24 years with the same employer. About 6 months ago I decided I simply can't do it anymore and agreed to do one more transition year and will finish...
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    Great idea. I could see myself doing something like that.
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    16th. Century Venetian gilded tabernacle frame with hand cut and carved mouldings.

    Yes, this is great stuff. Blows my mind!
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    My chiselling accident...

    That's going to pick a bit. It is frightening how sharp they are and how easily they slice through skin. No lasting harm though. You'll have learnt a valuable lesson! When I started, I was forever nicking myself with chisels. I had to remove the blood stains from the work as well as pencil...
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    Exotic wood purchase

    Surrey timbers is good for that sort of thing. They're near Guildford so not too far from you.
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    Underbench Cabinet: Drawers 3 and 4

    Very nice Derek. However, you'll never be able to find anything if you keep things that tidy!
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    Stuff for my BA submission in August. AKA Welcome to The Dark Side.

    I’ve just stumbled on this thread and it’s fascinating. Your work looks absolutely first rate to me and I absolutely love that you’re riving your own timber. I rived a large ash log recently and it’s a very satisfying process (although mine did not come out as nicely as yours!). keep up the...