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  1. J

    Removing Ercol 'Golden Dawn' finish

    Just remember that once you strip off the finish, you may well not be left with the perfect grain pattern you were looking for. Tables which were due to be stained were often made from bits of timber which weren't as perfect as the blonde ones were. You may even find some filled knots etc in my...
  2. J

    Treehouse Fixing Ideas.

    So i went down to my local "go ape" at the weekend and was fairly shocked to see that they don't even bother with any kind of wedges. The platforms are more or less all just wedged using two bits of threaded rebar as the pictures will show. The rules are that only 3 people are allowed on a...
  3. J

    Can you buy decent door furniture anymore?

    It's a general culture of being "entrepreneurial." Every business of any scale now run by private equity firms, who buy and sell these businesses and strip them of their assets. They then employ management consultants and other overpaid halfwits to cut and cut and cut. Where as doing stuff like...
  4. J

    Treehouse Fixing Ideas.

    To be honest I don’t understand the difference between sinking threaded bar into a tree and using one of these fancy tree bolts. The idea that they are better because they somehow cause the tree to “seal” around them sounds like BS. Why can’t I achieve the same with a large penny washer?? I...
  5. J

    Treehouse Fixing Ideas.

    Don't want to do that :) but cheers.
  6. J

    Treehouse Fixing Ideas.

    About to set off on building a small tree house like platform in a tree on a piece of woodland i have. It will be used as a nature hide and perhaps by the kids as a treehouse. The platform will be about 2.5m by 2.5 and i'm going to vaguely use a design I've seen online which I've attached a...
  7. J

    At what age do commercial oak trees get cut?

    Excellent answers. Thanks very much including to the usual suspects. Your knowledge is an incredible resource to be able to tap into.
  8. J

    At what age do commercial oak trees get cut?

    I'm planning this year to take down a couple of trees on a property i part own in France - there are lots of hardwood trees of about 20-30 years old which are well overdue being thinned out. I'm thinking of taking an Alaskan style mill out with me and having a go at milling with no particular...
  9. J

    Wickes advertise hardwood ply, but deliver softwood ply

    To be honest buying ply has become such a nightmare of quality and at such huge cost, that i find now that i go to inspect before ordering any. There is such an enormous range of product on the market, most of it of really awful quality. I feel for the OP.
  10. J

    For Sale Fox Thicknesser (In London SE18)

    Hi, This Fox Thicknesser has been sat in my shed for an age and i want to free some space up. At the moment it is leaving some snipe on boards, and i haven't had a fettle to fix this. A brand new set of blades and drive belt is included in the sale. I'm located in SE18, Woolwich. £120...
  11. J

    Reusing wood from old antique furniture?

    You will also be surprised with a complicated piece like that how little useful timber you get out of it.
  12. J

    Wrist watch recommendations

    I think the Newmark Watch Company - Home are making rather lovely heritage/reissue watches. Their chronograph was originally issued to British military pilots, but their '52 is a lovely classic looking field watch for really not much cash.
  13. J

    Meddings Pillar Drill £100, looks good

    Thanks. I've messaged the seller!
  14. J

    Tree / Timber Identification

    I'm glad others find trees as confusing as i do. I spend quite alot of time trying to learn and identify trees, but even in summer it is often quite difficult!
  15. J

    Anyone have a good tool belt for general carpentry?

    Great advice as always chaps.
  16. J

    Anyone have a good tool belt for general carpentry?

    Doing a timber extension at the moment, and spend my whole time picking up my hammer, losing my tape measure, searching for my screw driver, where is my level etc. etc. etc. You often see American carpenters on youtube with a belt kit, with a slot for their hammer and that kind of thing. Do any...
  17. J

    First import from the EU

    Laughable. Really laughable. The whole damn thing. There need to be criminal convictions in the future.
  18. J

    Retirement options

    For those that are interested and a few of you including @Regex replied. I seriously broke my leg this summer whilst climbing. The net result is an almost total loss of cartilage loss of my ankle and late stage arthritis. I struggle to walk to the shops some days now, and in the summer probably...
  19. J

    Retirement options

    Interesting reading. I’m 32 and have just suffered a life changing injury. I’m totally lost, nearly bankrupt after this year and absolutely devastated about my loss of function. This year has cost me almost all my savings and I’ve just no idea what to do next. I almost feel I am retired...