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    Pippy Oak Veneered MDF / Ply

    Dont know if these are any good to you www.timbmetdepot .com
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    ebay festool dom bargain

    just been on festools website, tapped that number in & yes its for the cutter only :evil: very misleading though IMHO
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    ebay festool dom bargain

    Ebay bargain of the day. A brand new festool domino with a buy it now price of £ 26.50, gutted he only has 10 available folkstone fixings is the company any one want to buy one off me lets call it £ 200 :roll: :lol:
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    I would of loved to had kids, just for the simple reason my surname is Burns, (homer) if i had a child i would have deffo wanted its first name to be carpet :lol:
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    A first for me

    So you dint glue the wedges then ? :lol: just (hammer) them in, glad to know you got paid for it, maybe you can charge your land lord rent for the space they are takeing up in your workshop :D
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    kitchen worktop wood for garden furniture

    i would love to see some pics of the bench
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    Triton TRB001 Router

    screwfix b&Q warehouse am sure ive bought them in the past might have to buy more than 4 though HTH
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    What did Mr Bootfair bring you this weekend?

    Alfie said with or without you and youve still not found what im looking for and ya nothing but a hound dog car booting all the time woof :lol: hat coat i know
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    This Week at the Boot Fair....

    Hey jimi nice haul ,the plane i know its history the wood came from solsbury hill, i dont remember, exactly but they tried to use a sledge hammer to knock it down which shocked the monkey who started shaking the tree :lol:
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    trend 2 part hinge jig

    good thinking chippymart thanks i done just that .Benchwayze its such a tight fit no chance of greaseproof paper thanks .Teckel i was almost ready to get on a plane to come and see you so you could pull it apart :occasion5:
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    Panelling under stairs

    id remove the stairs and put a ladder there instead (hammer) :lol: :lol:
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    trend 2 part hinge jig

    thanks chippymart i will try that might give a squirt of wd40 to try and part it :twisted: if not might just buy a tube for it to fit in then i wont have to spend time takeing it apart :idea: :roll:
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    trend 2 part hinge jig

    i have had this jig for some time now it does not get a lot of use but when it does its great, anyway the other day i took it out of the bag and put it together :roll: it was a tight fit anyway used it on a couple of doors took the little allen bolts out & went to pull it apart can i get it...
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    Goulden Hardwoods brilliant

    i may have to take a trip down that way some time just had a look at his website and read some of the news letters the man has a good sense of humour( funny guy) seems to know his stuff to, the last time i bought some hard wood and i asked some questions they looked puzzled quarter sawn whats...
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    Clear vision - or dust?

    i have the full face trend i like it, if you look around you could get it cheaper than the £200, i dont wear glasses but do have to wear gogles for work (building trade) and they steam up with a mask, dont think of the money more your health cant put a price on that
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    3 x Boot Sales today !!!!!!! ( The Haul )

    been meself today did you grab any bargains i got a left handed estwing hammer and a four hammer im well chuffed :lol: for £2 each (hammer)
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    march 30 awareness

    ok sorry if this seems doom and gloom its not meant to be that way March 30th is Brain tumour awareness yes there is a life outside of woodworking for those that use facebook or those that don't have a look ( headsfirst Nicole Witts ) i have known this beautiful woman since being 17 i'm now 40...
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    mac timbers open day

    i have no connections with this company but came across them they have a open day days on 18/9/11 has any one been there before it looks quite intresting they are based in peterborough or is anyone going i need a day out so think i might go :D :D
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    garden gate

    thank you boss , i've proberly not explained this well enough :oops: i was thinking more along the lines of 2 stiles 1 top rail along the lines of 44mm by 94mm 2000mm high mid rail and bottom rail 25mm by 150mm with bare face tenons then 19mm cladding so the cladding is flush with the stiles...
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    garden gate

    afternoon fellow woodworkers i need some help please :oops: ok i need to build a garden gate for the back of my property which backs on to alleyway i'm in the process of relandscaping the rear garden now what i had in mind was a gate to be 2 metres high and 1075 wide is this to wide for a single...