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    ebay festool dom bargain

    Ebay bargain of the day. A brand new festool domino with a buy it now price of £ 26.50, gutted he only has 10 available folkstone fixings is the company any one want to buy one off me lets call it £ 200 :roll: :lol:
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    trend 2 part hinge jig

    i have had this jig for some time now it does not get a lot of use but when it does its great, anyway the other day i took it out of the bag and put it together :roll: it was a tight fit anyway used it on a couple of doors took the little allen bolts out & went to pull it apart can i get it...
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    march 30 awareness

    ok sorry if this seems doom and gloom its not meant to be that way March 30th is Brain tumour awareness yes there is a life outside of woodworking for those that use facebook or those that don't have a look ( headsfirst Nicole Witts ) i have known this beautiful woman since being 17 i'm now 40...
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    mac timbers open day

    i have no connections with this company but came across them they have a open day days on 18/9/11 has any one been there before it looks quite intresting they are based in peterborough or is anyone going i need a day out so think i might go :D :D
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    garden gate

    afternoon fellow woodworkers i need some help please :oops: ok i need to build a garden gate for the back of my property which backs on to alleyway i'm in the process of relandscaping the rear garden now what i had in mind was a gate to be 2 metres high and 1075 wide is this to wide for a single...
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    power feed on a router table

    Evening all just wonder weather any one has done this, are there any suggestions on a power feed and can any one whey up pros and cons one other point i don't want to buy a spindle moulder i just haven't the room
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    ash door

    just looking for a bit of advice please peoples thoughts i need to make an internal door shaker design i have some 41 mm ash and some ash 13 mm mdf just wonder weather this is ok timber will be planed down to 35 mm the door size will be 710 mm wide 1980 mm high thanks for any advice james :D
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    hi all just looking for a bit of advice i was thinking of buying a startrite sd 300 planer thicknesser just wonder weather any one has one are they any good i have seen d&m have it for £12oo or should i spend a bit more ? many thanks for any help