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    Apply ABS edging

    Hi, Looking to see how to fit 2mm or 0.4mm ABS edging to MFC boards. From info seen so far it looks like i would need an edge bander, is this so or is there another way it can be done (easier for the diy'er)?
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    Exotic Hardwood Online

    Can anyone recommend anywhere online that you can purchase small pieces of exotic hardwoods roughly upto about 20" in length by 1 1/2" by 1 1/2". Looking for various types as i have been thinking about trying to make myself a snooker cue in the new year but having trouble sourcing the exotic...
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    Best way to make table top

    Im going to make a dressing table for our daughter using redwood as it will be getting painted. The table top will be approx (sizes to be confirmed) 450mm x 600mm made from 12mm boards. I can get boards either 95mm or 145mm wide. My question is would it be best making it with 3 x 145mm boards...
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    Router Table Help

    Hi, I picked up a cheap Nutool router and table of ebay the other day (brand new not taken out packaging etc) for use on my next projext as it would help speed things up. I dont do alot of routing so didnt want to spend much on it so thought this would be ideal even though i thought it may not...
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    Laptop purchase help

    Im looking to purchase a laptop around the £300 mark and have found a couple which i quite like however they have different processors and wondered if anyone could recommend whch is better. The processors are the AMD Phenom II N660 3GHz vs the Intel Core i3-370 2.4GHz. The Intel one has an...
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    Stripping back varnish

    Whats the best way to strip back varnished wood? I have been told i can take some broken down wood from a church (old pews i believe) but was told that it is all varnished (still to see it). So im wondering if i can make use of some of this but wasnt sure about the best way to go about...
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    Belt sander required

    Any recommendations for a belt sander? Im looking for a decent one that will last but needs to be fairly cheap (round about £50-£75). Had been looking on ebay at 2nd hand ones but not sure what to go for. I also saw a new Ryobi EBS-802V for about £40 on ebay, any good? Is this worth it or...
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    Pay attention when placing order... ooops

    Placed an order this morning with D&M Tools for a bottle of Titebond II at a cost of £6.12, however miss read total of vat + delivery and thought total cost was £8.95 so order went through. Just checked email and saw order has been dispatched and looked at invoice only to find that the delivery...
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    Damp Shed

    I went out to my shed today and noticed that the roof was pretty damp and actually had some mould/furry stuff on it. The shed is just standard shed with t+g panels and osb roof covered with felt. Is there anything i can do to help prevent this or treat it? It mainly seems to be the roof that is...
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    Nuts and Bolts Help

    Does anyone know where i could get nuts and bolts from in the sizes (or similar) below: Bolts 8 1/2" x 1/4" x 20 Bolt (Not sure what the 20 stands for, any ideas?) 5" x 3/8" x 20 Bolt with countersunk head 3" x 3/4" x 20 Bolt with countersunk head Nuts 1/4" x 20 wood insert nut 3/8" x 20 wood...
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    Birthday Present

    Made me laugh when i opened it
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    Single Bed Build

    Built a single bed for our two year old daughter a couple of months ago but forgot to take WIP pictures and never got round to posting any pictures since the new arrival of our son. Finally took some the other night so here it is. Excuse the picture quality, taken on phone. The bed was...
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    Bookcase and Chair

    Hi, I started last week to make a small bookcase for our daughters room to fit at the end of her new bed (will upload pics of bed build when i get a chance). Bookcase is 18mm mdf and will be painted eggshell white to match the finish used for the bed. It will also have a pine stained top made...
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    Mdf box, how to join sides?

    Im going 2 make a couple of under bed box drawers as part of new bed. Going 2 use 15 or 18mm mdf for construction however what would b the best way 2 build the boxes? I was thinking of just joining all side panels using biscuits but wondered if better way 2 do it? Plan 2 cut rebate 2 fit base.
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    Water vs solvent based paint

    I was looking at the Dulux Eggshell paint in b+q today and they had Trade Eggshell which was water based or Main Range Eggshell which was solvent based. The water based paint was almost twice as dear, does anyone know why? I was thinking about using the trade eggshell as its low odour and quick...
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    Sanding/Painting advise needed

    If you need to paint a project (redwood in undercoat/eggshell) what grit of sandpaper would you go down to. Sanded a bit last night to 320 grit but wondered if the wood would need more of a key from a lower grit to help paint?
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    Looking for sandpaper of 320/400 grit for finishing project but so much choice. Can anyone make some recommendations on type to use and where i can purchase from?
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    Fence Post Fixings

    I need to move fence panels and put on top of a wall (only about 12" high), i found these at screwfix in various sizes and think these will be best to use however what do i use to fix into the brick (ie size of screw/bolt, any ideas...
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    Kiddies Bed Build

    Hoping to get started on the bed build for our daughter in the next month once main work on garden project is out of the way. I know a few people on here have done similar builds and was looking for some advise. I dont have a sketch of plan as yet (well have paper plan) as couldnt use sketchup...
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    Record Vice Weight

    Hi, Does anyone know roughly how much a record 52E vice weights? Tried searching online but not getting anywhere. Cheers