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    Withdrawn Jessem dowelling jig 8mm

    A long shot I know, but does anyone have an 8mm Jessem Dowelling Jig for sale which they no longer want? Thanks
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    Birch ply or red faced ply ?

    Happy new year everyone. I know it's not off to a good start but hopefully it will get much better. I am about to embark on my first cabinet making project - a wall hung media cabinet, 2.4m long, by 450 (ish) high, by 450 deep. All externaly visible surfaces are to be finished in an opaque white...
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    Solid or veneer? How to tell....

    I was recently lucky enough to be given a solid walnut table, made from 1 inch thick timber, with 6 inch square legs. I have processed it into planks for use in my projects. It got me thinking about buying unloved tables as a source of timber (hopefully cheaply). The problem is, quite a few...
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    Flush door pulls

    I am about to start building a storage cabinet for my utility. I want to use flush pulls on the drawers and doors as due to the utility being quite narrow, I don't want handles sticking out from the door/drawer fronts. The type of pull I am looking to make is a simple slot in the wood, which is...
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    Woodworking magazines

    With the nights drawing in, I am looking for some woodworking magazines with which to while away the evenings when I don't feel like going to my workshop. If you have any surplus ones lying around which you no longer want, I would very much like them. I am happy to collect if reasonably close to...
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    Union graduate bed attachment set screws

    As part of some modifications I am planning for my Union Graduate, I will need to source some longer set screws for attaching the bed to the headstock. The originals are listed in the parts explosion I could find as '1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch set screw', no mention of the thread. It looks like it...
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    Swing and Slide set

    Put this together earlier in the year in my garden for my 2 grandchildren, who we provide childcare for 2 days a week. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they play on/in it. Very satisfying to make something which brings such joy. Main structure is pressure treated 2x4's, step treads...
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    union graduate on castors?

    Hello there, I have been lurking around here for a couple of years and have gained a lot from the considerable wisdom found on the forum. I only recently decided to register and post, so Hello, It is good to be here. I have a Union Graduate short bed lathe which I need to set up in my tiny...