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    Kitched worktop finish

    I have only done around the sink area as this is where most water drips occur. after I made this post I found an email address, I sent sn enquiry and gotvs wuick reply back. They said to use a Ronseal interior wax. I will try this in a small area to see if it has the same results as the Colron...
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    Kitched worktop finish

    I have benn over this before but this is anew twist. I have sanded back our kitchen worktops and used Osmo top oil, gives a beautiful smooth finish. When i had done this I didn't like the finish against the wall so i decided to to use some Colron finishing wax injected from a large syringe and...
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    Kitchen wood worktops

    Thanks for the reply's, guess i will wait till the Tung oil has gone and use Osmo oil then. Never gave that oil a thought even though i have some for a dinig table i made. The Osmo oil supplier is not far from me as well.
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    Woodwork, noise and neighbours

    Interested to see this topic as i had a run in with my neighbour about a year ago, it was 8.45 in the morning on a weekday. I work on the principle that 8.30 on a weekday and Saturday and not on a Sunday. If your neighbour had work being done in his house by a builder he would expect to start...
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    Kitchen wood worktops

    We have a Beech (i think) wood worktop, it's about 6/7 years old now. It has had quite regular cleans an re-oils with Tung oil. Is there a better oil for this, i have seen boiled linseed oil recommended but then i read it is for outside furniture. It seems there are as many views on this as...
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    wide table top sanding

    I have been away from this forum for quite some time now due to heart op and other things. When last here i asked about sanding my three foot square oak table top as i wanted a flat finish which i could not get with the tools i have. Someone very kindly offered to do this for me on their wide...
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    Bandsaw blade makers

    I was using the wrong wording for my search, just found you guys mentioning tuffsaw so off to look there. If there is a better supplier or another please say. cheers
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    Bandsaw blade makers

    Sometime back someone posted a good maker of bandsaw blades, if anyone knows can they repost it please......cheers
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    Small drill, hard wood, what's the best lubricant?

    The mention of better drills is very true, i looked at sets up to 10mm there are loads ranging in price around the £30.00 mark. I came to a Dormer set £ get what you pay for. Dormer are excellent drills as i remamber from my apprenticship days. As 'Rico' says speed is...
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    Tung oil versus Dainish oil

    Thanks for the replies, i looked at the chair about 45 later and it was dry. Like i said the wood has been starved of any finish for years i should think. I have not used wirewool, i have use one of those nylon type abrasives, it states it is the same as 000 wirewool. Going by what you say i...
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    Tung oil versus Dainish oil

    I have made apost in another part of the forum about an oak rocker chair i am rebuilding. I have the lower section reassembled and have appiled a first coat of tung oil, the oak is so dry it was sucking it in as i was applying it. It has it's first coat and i am leaving it for 24hrs. My question...
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    Chair repair

    Thanks for the replys, i will make a strip and glue it in, cheers. I was hoping that once the wood has had a couple of coats of oil that it would close the small ones up. It is cleaning up quite well except for the water stains, even some of those fade after a bit of sanding. I can't understand...
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    Chair repair

    1mm to 2mm, but there are many little splits that i doubt will be able to fill as they are so small, 0.2mm
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    Chair repair

    I found an old rocking chair in a skip, well i rescued it and have dismantelled it. It had been left out in all weathers and is in very bad condition, the seat has plsit into five different bits, the varnish is flaking and falling off. On a closer look the chair is made of oak. As i said i...
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    Firefox ACE best browser there is. First back up all your favorites, you should do this anyway as to lose them all is like going into space for the first time lol.................i know i lost all mine and i was lost for ages. Anyway, with that done delete your profiles, go...
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    Bandsaw motor problem

    Capacitors can fail but still look in good condition, they can be tested but not easily at home. You could look for a company that would test them bit i think their charge may equal the cost of new ones.
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    Adhering plans to wood

    I have been looking at, they sell patern tracing paper ... sfer_Paper. I know it a US site but there must be a UK equivalent.
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    New printer

    I do not like Epson's, yes they print very well but if they are left for a while the inkjet heads get clogged. Changing the ink cartidges does not change the heads. Once they are blocked there is no way you will get them working again, i have tried beleive me. HP on the other hand does change...
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    mertic/imperial conversions

    Not sure if you have one but the engineers Zeus book is a real must for metric/imperial conversions. It also has many other tables in it. I have had one for over 40 years.
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    glider rocker bearings

    Cheers Bob i wil go and have a look. I was hoping to get a complete kit/set. I have a friend going to the US later this year i may bend his ear as well. Wil definatley look at your suggestion though