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    dw733 thicknesser problem

    Hi all, When passing boards (red oak) through my thicknesser they have started to get stuck on the way through, i have put a kitchen's worth of oak through this thicknesser in the past few months. The blades are recently sharpened and when the boards stalls the blades do not take nick's out...
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    finish on red oak

    Hi guys - i am in the middle of building a kitchen and need some advice on potential finishes. I am considering using I have kids running around so i need low-odour and a tough finish. The wood is red-oak and i don't want to stain it, so i...
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    kickback on circular saw

    Hi Guys - when i am crosscutting 1" thick oak planks - maybe 7 or 8 inches wide, when i get nearly through the plank, maybe only the last quarter of an inch, the saw nearly always stalls and won't go any further, usually adding a bit of kickback in for effect. The saw is new and has a new...
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    polishing stone

    Hi Guys, When at the polishing stage of flattening the back of a chisel or a plane-iron, how much pressure should be applied on the 8000 grit waterstone? Cheers, Sean
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    bluemotion drawer slides

    Hi All - i thought i would get hold of a couple of these slides to see how difficult it is to fit them and if they are really worth the extra cost - trouble is i can't find any fitting instructions. I got them from isaac lord - but minus any instructions on how to fit them - any ideas? Cheers...
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    flattening LN blades

    Hi All - is it necessary to flatten the backs of new LN planes? The instructions that come with the hand-planes suggest all that is needed is a little honing?
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    New kitchen project

    Greetings All - i am about to embark on a new kitchen - replacing our existing kitchen that we inherited when we moved in (the quality of which i will not comment on). As i have a full-time job as an engineer and two babies to contend with, this may take a while. I hope to keep this topic...
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    can crown mouldings be done on the router-table?

    Hi all, - is it safe to make crown moulding on a router-table equipped with a 3HP router? Thought i would ask opinions before investing in a router bit. Rgds, Sean
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    which LN hand planes?

    Hi Guys, I am in the market for 2 LN hand planes, which i have managed to convince the wife are necessary for the kitchen we are currently designing. I was wondering what are peoples thoughts? I have a bunch of cheap planes which i have tried over the years to tune up - but i want to see...
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    kitchen hardware suppliers?

    Hi guys, I am currently designing a solid wood kitchen and will be building it over the summer - can you suggest any good suppliers (adjustable feet, drawer slides, lazy susan's, hinges etc) I am based in Ireland so if there are any irish members with advice that would be good, but i will...
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    sharpening a mortice chisel

    Hi guys, I tried to grind the bevel on a mortice chisel last night on the Tormek 1200 - there was a pronounced curve in the bevel caused by this - i suppose that the extra length of the bevel exagerates the effect that is present on all grindings with a wheel - but i wonder what effect this...
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    How do i fit this tail vice?

    Hi Guys, I have come into possesion of this tail-vice - it doesn't look like any tail-vice i have seen (in particular the Scott Landis Book on workbenches) - it seems to me that the screw-sleeve is different to anything else i have seen - has anyone seen one of these before as i am in the...
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    how to accurately cut thick stock?

    Hi guys, I need to cut the square ends off some laminated 4" thick oak - my puny table saw shudders at anything around 2" thick - what methods to people use to accurately cut square ends on thicker material like this? Cheers, Sean
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    Where to go in Staffordshire?

    Hi Guys, As an ex-pat now living in Ireland i will be returning to god's own country for a few days next week and would love to peruse any woodwork shops. If anybody is aware of any within 30 odd miles of Stoke i would love to know. Hand tools especially. thanks, Sean
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    buying advice

    Hi Guys, Just a couple of questions. Does anybody know where to buy a shoulder vice screw for a workbench - axminster have something but i'm not sure it's what i am looking for. Also if anybody has seen the sharpening dvd by David Charlesworth, any idea where i could pick up the eclipse...
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    Best Finish for Red Oak

    Hi Guys, I am in the middle of building a tv unit out of red-oak and wondering what people thoughts are on the type of finsh - also what products do people use to fill the grain, and what are peoples experience with these? Cheers, Sean
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    Best Drawer Construction when using full-extension slides

    Hi Guys, I am currently designing an oak tv unit with a drawer that i want to install using full-extension slides. Does anybody have an opinion on the best drawer construction type to use. I would like to inset the drawer into the cabinet flush with the front. I was hoping to cut my teeth...
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    planer problems

    Hi Guys, i have a recurring problem with my planer! It is a record pt260 (it looked good in the shop!), and it has given me nothing but pain!. I have read everything on how the infeed/outfeed tables need to be parallel, and how the blade height relative to the outfeed table is critical. But...
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    anyone used the dw733?

    HI guys, has anybody tried the dw733 thicknesser as i am considereing buying one? Is it worth the extra cash over the other brands? Cheers, sean