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    Sewing box.

    Get the necessary wood- sometimes North East Timber on Ebay- 2 M long- 75mm--Perhaps 8- 10 - 12 mm PAR. Good Price. Beech Ash Maple. VG
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    Height of workbench for Mitre Saw

    I have mine mounted into (on) a portable workmate folding bench (on a block of two by two)- which sits normally in between my continuing benches, so if needs be- I can drag it out. Work a treat - Have just moved from the UK to Thailand, where we are completing the mostly completed workshop in...
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Thanks Blister - The Accident -? I tripped doing ashortcut across the lawn, at immigration, jumped up, thought nothing of it, till 2 daYS LATER, WHEN MY HANDS, WRISTS AND SHOULDERS GOT SWOLLEN - NOW MOSTLY SORTED, BUT TODAY, MY LEFT ANKLE IS A BIT STIFF - BUT i MUST GET THERE - hAVE TO GET...
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    Clock No. 2 AIP

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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Well, have been turning since I began in 1954 in England On a Wolf Cub kit, making Egg Cups. , In my 3rd marriage, was living in Ubonratchathani Thailand 2017-11, then back to UK, till 2019, then packed up, to return to Phibun Mangsahan- and now having a Workshop built, but had a nasty fall at...
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    Band saw Question

    There are several, priced very low. The Draper is, fine,, and is below £100. Perfectly adequate for most things - and I cut seriously hard woods. Been turning for over 50 years. - Went to live in Thailand and took two of them with all the household things, came back, left everything behind...
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    Router table, buy or build?

    I decided to abandon the idea - two weeks ago walked into Aldi with the wife, for food only - and came out with a very robust router table for 30 Quid. I am a lazy old devil.
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    I recently bought one from Lidl, and yes it is in steel, and very very robust. - But I have to learn the best way to use it, as my previous one, was a Bosch, and was in beech, - as was the guide, and was designed for the Bosch POF range of routers, (POF 50 & POF 500) for use above the workpiece...