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    Scheppach HA2600

    Does anybody have experience of the above machine. I currently have a camvac style extractor which has 2 x 750w motors, how will the scheppach compare with a 600w motor ?
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    No not my body :tongue9: , what do you use for sealing the ends of blanks ? I thought I could just melt down some cheap candles but is there another (cheaper) source of wax.
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    Advice from the panel please.

    I have a large holly tree in my garden which may have to make way for the new workshop. There are 2 trunks from ground level starting off at approx 900mm circumference, tapering down to 800mm circ at around 2 mts high, these sections are fairly clear of side branches which start above the 2 mtr...
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    Veritas honing guide

    Hi all, I've bought one of the above but seem to have a problem. It hones the primary bevel at right angles to the side of the iron perfectly, but when I reset the roller to hone the secondary bevel it cuts on one side of the blade. I have tried resetting the iron to cut the secondary bevel and...
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    Spackling ?

    Just got the latest issue of American Woodworker and it has a tip for treating the machined edges of mdf. They recommend using spackling, which as far as I can tell seems to be a Polyfilla type of product. Can anybody be more specific ?.
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    Painting wicker furniture

    Hi everyone, Does anybody have any tips for spraying a wicker chair ?. I intend to use water based white eggshell through an hvlp system, but I'm not sure what I should do for preparation. The chair is not new but is fairly clean and I guess that I should at least degrease it, but how?, can...
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    Hi everbody, I have browsed this forum for some time as a guest and have decided to take the plunge and register. Hopefully i will be able to contribute something in return for all the info already gleaned. :occasion5: