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    Product Tags

    Hi all, I am looking for somewhere I can get some tags made to fix onto items I make,I don’t mind if they are metal or plastic, any ideas?
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    Sold Trend T35a 'M' class dust extractor

    This has had little use and comes with the full range of attachments plus a couple of bags. £150 Contact Harry on 07719 713055
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    Wire nails with a hatched top

    I have a job coming in to restore and polish an Indian Sheesham table. To complete the job I will need to remove some iron brackets, which are secured by nails that have been clinched. There is every chance of me braking at least some of them while getting them out. I don't seem to be able to...
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    What solvent

    I have a belt/disc sander that has stick on disc sander sheets, I have a lot of difficulty changing these discs. I have tried meths to melt the adhesive but that does not work- any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Travel distance to workshop

    Hi, Have you considered approaching a local farmer to rent an unused barn or building. I used to rent such a building when I was in business, the rent was nominal, a pleasant environment to work in and customers seemed to like it as it seemed right for what I made, which was mostly country...
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    Ridgeway WRM200 morticer problem

    Hi all, I have the above morticer and have noticed that the chisel is not square to the table. I have ried different chisels, I have tried turning the collet but it makesno difference, I can't find the manual at home or on the net. I don't see any adjustment to rectify this. Has anyone any ideas...
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    Can anyone identify this wood.

    Difficult to tell the difference from a photo but if it has a strong odour it could well be white cedar.
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    Invitation to post pics of your garden workshops with sizes!

    Hi Kieth, Sorry it has taken me a while to respond but I have been a bit tied up with other stuff. The positioning of the doors and windows is not particularly flexible, just which side you want the door really. I have tried to attach some pictures but I don't think it has worked. I will try...
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    Invitation to post pics of your garden workshops with sizes!

    Sorry, thats my bad typing. Google BillyOh Clubhouse, it is with a company called Gardenbuildingsdirect :D
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    Invitation to post pics of your garden workshops with sizes!

    Hi, I bought a Bill O Clubhouse, it is 5m x 4.5m, it cost around £2500 with my extra's. I had to put it together myself, but that was easy enough. The timber is 50mm thick, so it does not need a lot of insulation. I am really delighted with it. Have a look on their website, they do a wide range...
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    Advice wanted on which saw to buy please

    Thank you for all the advice, it is most helpful. I now have use of a little Dremel Moto fret saw, I am going to use that for a while to see how I get on. Then if I find I like scroll sawing I will splash out and by a 'good' one. I have used a hand fret saw to cut out some of the pieces, but it...
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    Advice wanted on which saw to buy please

    Hi all, I have recently started doing a bit if carving, it often requires that I cut out the shape first. My band saw is a bit clumsy for some of the intricate shapes and it cant do internal cuts. Iwont need to cut any more than an inch. At the moment I am not particularly interested in general...
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    Damaged veneer and treating.

    Hi FirstSpear, You could get some shellac sticks that match, then just melt it with a soldering iron so it drips onto the affected area, clean up with a sharp chisel before it sets to hard. You might think about cleaning it up with some Libnet, it probably has a shellac finish, so get some...
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    Radial arm saws

    It is legal to have a dado on a RAS and so can cut tenons with a single pass or two.
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    Radial arm saws

    When I first started woodworking, one of the 'must haves' was a radial arm saw, So I bought one, the big DeWalt, I found it very difficult to be accurate, but still quite useful. I sold it a couple of years ago as it was taking up too much space ia my new smaller workshop. Anyway, I never hear...
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    Gluing up seats

    Hi all, I have made a few windsor chairs before, but I have always managed to get a wide enough piece of elm for the seats with no defects in. I have a couple of pieces of elm that I would like to use for seats, the problem is they have some serious defects in the middle. Would I be best to cut...
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    Re-finishing an Oak Table - Advice please!

    I use Homebase water based floor varnish on the oak funiture that I make, it gives a very durable and pleasing finish. It doesn't change the colour of the wood either like many other finishes do.
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    What band saw blades?

    I have tried a few suppliers and found 'justbandsawblades' are by far the best, I have phoned them a few times for advice and they could not be more helpful.
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    Table saws .. Again

    Hi Robin3, I had a Charnwood W 619, it was not really that difficult to set up, and once set up it was great, it stayed true. The sliding table is OK but I had to put some shims in to get the height right. I thought it was a good saw. The reason I sold it was because I needed a much bigger, more...
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    Show case images not displaying

    Hi, the show case images are not displaying, is there a reason for this?