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    lathe advice.... again!

    Hello, I haven't been on here for Yonks! :oops: I have a friend who is just wanting to get started in wood-turning and has asked for some advice about which lathe would be best to start with , looking to spend around £400. I have lost touch with the new models, so any advice would be...
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    more wood advice please

    Among my latest 'wood scavenging' haul I have some Yew, beech and Hawthorn. I have only tried yew as pre dried, and it normally is coloured inside. this is very plain inside :? is the colour to do with type or place of the tree or comes as it dries? and is it an easy splitter :?: Also, I...
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    A picture paints a thousend words

    A week or so ago I was given some Eucalyptus. I came on and asked for advice and was warned by George how much it warps ... and by george he was right! :lol: I normally tell any kind people who donate wood to me that I will make them a little piece as a thank you. often however, I think they...
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    Eucalyptus ideas?

    I have just got my first piece of eucalyptus. it looks like a very nice wood to turn. any hints before I attack it tomorrow? :?:
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    well spalted birch

    Sorry, don't come on much, computer is slow as an asthmatic slug again! :x Still not done owt for comp. will ge into gear next week! This is from a find old sliver made in a cemetery he was helping clear, I don't know how long it had all been left there in the grass but I did this trial piece...
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    some new stuff

    A few things I managed to get finished off this week. This one has cracks ... apart from the big one!! and I am thinking of pyroging it a bit to cover up, what you reckon? This was made out of an untreated sleeper? I am told it is 'Jarra' .... no idea! And with a little help from...
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    Holiday snaps

    Inspired by Chas's post of the log photos he took on holiday. I wondered it this uncontolable need to photograph random lumps of wood while on holiday was a widespread problem?? if so, please post your holiday snaps and say where taken. This was take a couple of weeks ago on a beach in the south...
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    how to delete a thread??

    I have just done a thread to try out photo posting..... now I can't find how to delete it! :oops: HELP!
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    Got something finiished!!

    After a long time with no turning, followed by a few days of diaster. Finally a couple of lumps survived! A 'Chi keeper' And a piece I had to start outboard (first time) because of the size. but ended up just in range to turn back! The glass rim is above the wood because there is a light...
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    bright ideas?

    I am doing another craft show in July. I found out from the last one that if you have a 'speciality' you have a better chance of getting a stall because you don't just go down as 'a woodturner' so, if a few woodturners apply, you can switch to just doing your 'thing' eg 'pyrographer'. I have...
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    latest efforts

    These are the latest four project from the 'workhouse' (as my Mother calls it) Little potpourrie and candle bowl in Cherry. Poplar, a piece I was given last year, it been left out under a tree and has started to spalt nicley, may leave the rest a bit longer. and YES! is is just a 'lump'...
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    Blanket weed hell!!

    Going a long way off subject .... Blanket weed! Last year my 'tiny' pond turned into a meadow! even with water treatments and barley straw and fishing with a stick! :x I know everybodies ponds are getting swamped with the stuff, so, wondered if any of you have tried those electric gizmos that...
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    Wood ID and segmenting

    Two seperate things, but didn't want to start two threads. :roll: Can anyone tell me what this wood is? It turns like a pine variety, it is quite light and splits easy. reminds me a bit of the conifir I did last year. And can anyone advise me on a good DVD or site for segmenting? I can...
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    recycled .... pine?

    Just thought I'd add this, I did the photos in case anyone at the fayre was interested in how things are made. I am not sure what the wood is exactly,certainly not good for turning! NOT hardwood! but you know me! if it is wood and it is free I'll give it a go! rescued from a muddy builders...
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    new stuff.

    Just a quick catch up as I haven't been on for a while. I have been trying a few things that are new to me. though not really mastered any to any fantastic degree, but I now will make more and maybe get them better this time. I have tried open segments Normal segments a bit of scroll saw...
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    And we're off!

    Finally got access to a scrollsaw! Draper 400mm. So far all I have done is turn it on and chop little bits out of scrap wood. but I have a day or so play now, so will try to get a bit of a hang of it. Typically of me, :roll: I have got into trying segmented pieces in my wood turning at the...
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    glue advice

    Just trying out some open segmented stuff. what glue is best suited? :?: I have DVD which uses titebond but which one?
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    Potpourri pots

    Just thought I'd shove a quick post on because the old boy has FINALLY got round to posting some photos of his clocks!! :lol: I haven't been doing much for the past few months, just bits and pieces, loads of pens that I sold at work for christmas presents, painted wool spindles and half done...
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    CCL thought

    I have used the new lathe a little now, and will do a report on my thoughts, but, as you know I don't do mechanics and spec! I have staff for that :lol: in t' form of sliver and mitch 2407, who is new to the site but not to our workshop. I found it to be a good solid lathe. the concerns I had...
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    oops! pens!

    This was not really my idea! It is a friend of ours who wanted to have a go at turning pens! so we got the stuff this morning and made these two. Looks looks like his foot is stepping on to the slope!! :lol: