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  1. J

    I've just been told I'm a "very rude man"!

    Because you get numpties ringing on the 999 system asking where they can get a taxi etc.. Whatever your priority system they are still blocking the line for emergency calls. It can take valuable time to assess a call's priority.
  2. J

    Stranded in France!

    I have done a little research for the area you are in,Picardie. There are some numbers you could try here: Also a list of garages in Amiens who offer breakdown recovery...
  3. J

    Another one for Jonzjob

    Not entirely sure of the date but in 1943/1944 (I think '44) my father smuggled me into RAF Mildenhall (we walked through a hole in the perimeter which was used as a short cut by personnel to save a long detour through the main gate :shock:) and I was given a tour of a Stirling. The aircraft...
  4. J

    Another one for Jonzjob

    @ Colinc I see you have a Beagle Pup 150 in your photo gallery. Wondered what the connection was. I did my GFT on a Pup 150.
  5. J

    I want to make a coffee table out of railway sleepers

    Are they new sleepers or recovered? I ask because if they are recovered they may well have been treated and, personally, I would not use them for such a purpose. Some of the treatments are carcinogenic.
  6. J

    Do you think these oak veneer french doors look any good?

    Looks as if they make to order.
  7. J

    Is this the biggest scam of all time?

    I don't think it was his invention. Water or steam injection was being tried pre-war. It was also used in WWII in some fighter engines. If you Google "Water injection in combustion engines" you will get a number of interesting hits. I believe it is an extension of the observable phenomenon...
  8. J

    Kity 619 Blade Diameter Query

    I have a 270mm rip blade for my 619. It withdraws below the table. Came with the saw and is marked "Kity".
  9. J

    Fein dustex orTrend T30?

    Trend here also. Very pleased.
  10. J

    routing dog holes

    I'll probably get shot down for this, but I looked at this problem myself several times (a woodworking hobbyist) in the end I used a hand-held drill with a 20mm wood drill. I made it as upright as I possibly could by eye and a square and then drilled the holes. I felt, and so far have been...
  11. J


    Interesting to compare the posts against the "ratings" against each poster. :shock: :lol: From "Very Sharp" to "Valued Contributor" etc. :lol:
  12. J

    Morticer chuck help please....

    They look similar to the Multico collets. If you get stuck you could give them a ring: Multico SARL 15 Rue des Alouettes St Remy 71100 France Tel: 0033 385 486 672 Fax: 0033 385 486 913 English spoken. I found them helpful.
  13. J

    Have you seen the size of this !!!!!!!!!

    You could make some tall bar stools with that. :D Correction very tall bar stools. :lol:
  14. J

    Multico M1 Morticer

    Shane, Sorry for delay. I keep a 12mm chisel in the machine which does me for most jobs I want.
  15. J

    Multico M1 Morticer

    If it is any help, I have just measured my M1 and it will plunge a total 21cm (21.5cm but that is hitting the base plate :shock: ). It goes through oak, with decent chisels, with no problem. I haven't gone the full 21cm but am sure it will do the depths you are talking about without any...
  16. J

    Maths question

    Doesn't say a lot for him posting it on the internet. :roll:
  17. J

    Compusory breathyliser in your car

    But it would also be true for you as you are resident in France. :) It is for any points but, anecdotally, not pursued too rigorously if only 1 point.
  18. J

    What happened to English grammer and spelling ?

    L'Académie française, set up in 1635, has as part of its remit to defend the French language. It has been fighting a drawn out battle to preserve the language but, for everyday use, it often gets overtaken by imported words. One of the main sources is English as it has been adopted as an...
  19. J


    Just because one is (well) over 60 doesn't mean one is less IT savvy. :roll: I'm not interested in so called social media but can manage to find what I want on the internet. I can even find my way onto this forum. :lol:
  20. J

    Laptop Speed turned into a snail's pace

    I use the free version of this: It allows you to see and remove programmes from your startup and also tells you if a programme you are adding is trying to put itself on the startup list. It is non-intrusive and I find it is easy to use and works well for...