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    DeWalt table saw quality going down hill?

    I was very disappointed by the thickness of the cast aluminium table. It's got some support ribs and edges to it, but these are thin and shallow. No surprise I guess that they sag over time under the weight of the motor hanging off the middle. Only really matters when cutting rabbets, so maybe...
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    For Sale Workshop Downsize - Machinery

    Hi, Been a while now, but is the table saw still available? If so would you be able to put on a pallet for a courier? Cheers, Dave
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    DeWalt table saw quality going down hill?

    Hi there! Wondering if anyone has bought a DeWalt table saw recently and if they have had any issues. I recently bought a new DeWalt DWE7492. It had several faults: the saw height adjust mechanism seized half way, the fence rack and pinion was misaligned and kept slipping, the cast aluminium...