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    Kity 439 in feed problems

    Ever since I’ve owned this Kity 439 the feed into the thicknesser has always been a bit hit and miss and the final straw was when it ruined a piece I’d prepared for a table I’m making. It’s time to do something about it. I stripped the machine and found each of the rollers had collapsed bushes...
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    Help - advice fitting an inset cabinet door

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me advice/direction in fitting an inset cabinet door into a face-framed cupboard I've built that has a bit of an issue. In my defense it's the first real bit of furniture making I've attempted and apart from this issue, it seemed to be going fairly well. Now...
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    Bathroom corner cabinet dimensions

    I’ll be embarking on my first real project of building a wall mounted corner cabinet for the bathroom and would like some advice on the unit proportions/dimensions (height vs. width) Are there any rough guides as to what would constitute correct proportions or should you just go with a...