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    Planning permission & expiry

    When you get planning permission, you have to start work within a few years, or the permission is rescinded. What happens if the planning permission is for two separate bit of work (say a kitchen extension, and a loft conversion), and you complete on one bit and have it signed off (building...
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    Material for desk top

    Please give me your opinions on my options for a new desk top. I'm making a desk to fit in a small bay window. The bay has 5 sides, shaped like 5 sides of an octagon, so the desk will be like a rectangle with 2 corners cut off. The bay is 2m between the window sills. I'd like the desktop to...
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    Permitted dev, difference between rear and side extension

    I'm looking at the permitted development rights on the planning portal: ... xtensions/ I have a typical property, which is 2 rooms wide at the front of the house, but 1 room wide at the rear. I'd like to extend the shorter half of the house to reach the...
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    Insulation: Converting 2 flats to original Edwardian house

    Ok, here goes. After living in our Edwardian flat for 6 years, we are at last going to knock the dividing wall down and open up the original house. Not a big job on it's own, but with the top two floors being empty, now seems like the right time to do all other jobs that are worth doing. Here...
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    How to insulate a sloping roof on an edwardian house?

    I've done a loft conversion and new build sloping roof before, where I've used a breathable membrane on top of the rafters, put (say 50mm) celotex between the rafters, and ventilated above the celotex, and then added further celotex underneath. This time I want to improve the insulation on an...
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    Neighbours built over our property - need legal agreement

    Well it's not as bad as it sounds in the title, but it's not right either. Our neighbours did a large extension, and built right up to, and touching, the boundary brick wall. They also built the wall (Wall A) of their extension up above the height of the shared boundary wall. At the top of...
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    Which heavy duty dixing for a block wall?

    I need to fix some brackets to a block wall (I'd probably incorrectly call them breeze block) and they need to take a fair amount of weight - two brackets, with two top fixings each (taking most of the strain), two middle fixings (taking a chunk of the strain) and two bottom fixings (probably...
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    Removable slotting wall brackets required

    Hi, I'm after some wall brackets, where you fix one part to the wall, and the other to the object you want to hang, and then you slot the two together whenever you want to hang it. Similar to the way some shelving brackets attach to their wall counterparts. I've been searching, and the closest...
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    Rutland G clamps

    So Rutland do cheap clamps, and most threads discussing them come to the conclusion that it's worth paying a bit more for a bit of quality. But what about the iron G clamps? Are they that difficult to get right? Rutland are doing 10 6" G clamps for £50
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    Which external glue for an EVA foam material?

    Hi, I've got some of these mats: ... 20c5a45d0e and I'm wanting to glue some bits together/glue some to wood. It says they are 'Made from EVA material (similar to flip flops) with a closed cell foam structure'. Any suggestions on what glue I should use...
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    Lubricate rope to fit it through a tight hole?

    I'm making a rope bridge for the children's climbing frames, and the base consists of pieces of 3x2 with some 25mm rope through it. I've just cut the 25mm holes, and I'm struggling to get the rope though as it's a really tight fit. Should I try something to lubricate the rope, and if so, what...
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    Should I buy a £90 pillar drill?

    I was planning on getting Axminster's £12 drill guide (for a small project), as I don't often need a pillar drill. But the only drill I have to use with it is an old green bosch, which is out of line, and I'm wondering whether I should get more use out of a pillar drill, like making tenon joints...
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    Which wood bits for straight large holes in a pillar drill?

    Well, in a normal drill with a drill guide. I've got to make a couple of dozen 20mm d, 3" long straightish holes in softwood, and I'm confused by the number of bit options available. There's: Flat (spade?) bits These 'wood beavers' ... rod801632/ Auger...
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    Makita BHP451 vs Milwaukee C18PD

    I'm trying to choose between these two combi drills. I actually only need a drill driver, but the equivalent models (BDF451 and C18 DD) are more expensive. I have Bosch 10.8 drill/driver and impact, so just after something more powerful for bigger jobs/quieter driving etc. They're both about...
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    Drill guide as cheap piller drill

    I need to do some (more) accurate (than eye) drilling, but I can't justify a dedicated pillar drill, so I'm looking for a drill guide. Axminster have this one for £10 Has anyone had any experience of this or others, it's roughly what I'm after I think. Thanks
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    What timber for a childrens climbing frame?

    I'm after a childrens climbing frame, and while I could buy one, delivered and assembled, at a reasonable price, I would prefer to build one. But what would be a nice economical timber to use? Presumably just pressure treated pine, if it's available in a clear colour, as opposed to the green I'm...
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    Insulating a conservatory roof - add a new one under it.

    I have a large conservatory that's completely open to the house (building regs weren't consulted when it was built) and it's so cold in winter we can't sit in the adjoining kitchen. The best solution appears to be fitting new polycarbonate sheets on the inside, against the existing ones, but...
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    Anyone getting 10% off Screwfix?

    I've made tons of orders from Screwfix in the last couple of years, nearly all at 10% off, as they send so many voucher codes. It's been a few months since I've had any, I'm just wondering if others have had any of the 10% off emails recently, or if they've stopped doing them for a while? Thanks
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    What is the definition of a Basement?

    I've googled basement definition, but results include "A complex of undifferentiated igneous and metamorphic rocks underlying sedimentary strata". I'm after the definition from a building point of view, perhaps if there's anything in planning or building regs that defines what a basement is...
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    Metabo SXE450 Turbo Tec vs Metabo SX E 450 Duo

    Looking at good condition second hand sanders, is there much difference between these two options? Thanks