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    Product Tags

    Hi all, I am looking for somewhere I can get some tags made to fix onto items I make,I don’t mind if they are metal or plastic, any ideas?
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    Sold Trend T35a 'M' class dust extractor

    This has had little use and comes with the full range of attachments plus a couple of bags. £150 Contact Harry on 07719 713055
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    Wire nails with a hatched top

    I have a job coming in to restore and polish an Indian Sheesham table. To complete the job I will need to remove some iron brackets, which are secured by nails that have been clinched. There is every chance of me braking at least some of them while getting them out. I don't seem to be able to...
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    What solvent

    I have a belt/disc sander that has stick on disc sander sheets, I have a lot of difficulty changing these discs. I have tried meths to melt the adhesive but that does not work- any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Ridgeway WRM200 morticer problem

    Hi all, I have the above morticer and have noticed that the chisel is not square to the table. I have ried different chisels, I have tried turning the collet but it makesno difference, I can't find the manual at home or on the net. I don't see any adjustment to rectify this. Has anyone any ideas...
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    Advice wanted on which saw to buy please

    Hi all, I have recently started doing a bit if carving, it often requires that I cut out the shape first. My band saw is a bit clumsy for some of the intricate shapes and it cant do internal cuts. Iwont need to cut any more than an inch. At the moment I am not particularly interested in general...
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    Radial arm saws

    When I first started woodworking, one of the 'must haves' was a radial arm saw, So I bought one, the big DeWalt, I found it very difficult to be accurate, but still quite useful. I sold it a couple of years ago as it was taking up too much space ia my new smaller workshop. Anyway, I never hear...
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    Gluing up seats

    Hi all, I have made a few windsor chairs before, but I have always managed to get a wide enough piece of elm for the seats with no defects in. I have a couple of pieces of elm that I would like to use for seats, the problem is they have some serious defects in the middle. Would I be best to cut...
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    Show case images not displaying

    Hi, the show case images are not displaying, is there a reason for this?
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    Woodwork UK

    I tried to register for this site, but i didn't get an email to complete the registration, it tells me that if I have a problem to contact the administrato, but I have to be logged in to do that. Is anybody out ther who is registered with this site who could help me get logged in? The email is...
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    Can't find anything anymore!

    Probably like most my workshop sort of 'evolved', with new cabinets and shelves added as time went by. Well a few weeks ago I decided to rationise and organise everything, I built nice new cupboards that had a place for every tool and piece of equipment, all very neat with no awkward places for...
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    Food safe paint

    I have a job to do for a customer that needs to be finished with food safe paint - any idea where I would get this?
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    Small workshops

    I was watching one of those American YouTube woodworking video's, the chap described his workshop as 'small' with only around 500 square feet! I started to wonder what sort of size is common in the UK. Mine is around about 300 square feet, what sort of size is your workshop?
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    Circular saw blades in a table saw

    Would there be a problem using an 8 inch circular saw blade in my 8 inch table saw?
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    Billy Oh Summer Houses

    I am thinking of buying a summer house to use as an office in my garden. There is a range called Billy Oh that are quite a bit less expensive than the rest. Even so the one that my wife has set her heart on will set us back around £3000, so before I go ahead and make a mistake I would like to...
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    Advertising on Etsy

    I am thinking of advertising on Etsy, has anyone any experience of this? If so, how was it? I would be interested in any input about this.
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    American router

    I have a router from America, it is 110v and has a two pin plug . I have a transformer from 240v to 110 v, what I want to know is can I just change the plug on the router to one that will fit into the transformer?
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    Shed roof

    With all the winds we have had lately I have been concerned about my shed roof. At the moment it is just roofing felt, it did start to lift a bit but I screwed a batton of wood on. I am thinking that in the summer I will replace the felt with something else, I am drawn towards the felt shingles...
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    15mm mitre slot bar.

    I have a Rutlands tenoning jig, the problem is it comes with a 3/4 inch mitre slot bar but my table saw is made for a 15mm one. I suppose I could make one from aluminium, but if I could buy one ready made it might save me some time, anyone have any ideas?
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    Fire extinguisher in workshops

    I have a wooden shed workshop 5 metres by 6 metres, for which I need to get a fire extinguisher ( as part of my insurance requirements) . Can anyone suggest the most suitable type/size I should get please?