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    Neighbour's circular saw accident

    One of my neighbours had a nasty accident with his circular saw a week or so ago. He was ripping some thin pieces of timber to make a trellis to save spending £18 on buying something. He ended up taking the tops off three fingers(index, middle and ring). Apparently, the finger tips were...
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    A nice surprise from Axminster

    Last week I ordered an Axminster AC250PT planer thicknesser and AC82E chip extractor. I was advised that the lead time for the planer thicknesser was 4-5 weeks and 2-3 for the chip extractor. Imagine my surprise and delight to get a call this morning saying that they want to deliver it next...
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    Festool router guide rail clamp and Trend T11 router

    Does anybody know whether the Festool FF-OF-1000 guide rail clamp would work with a Trend T11 router? Would any owners mind telling me the distance between centres on the clamp and the diameter of the guide rods. thanks very much. Mark
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    Much excitement - Record Sabre 350 bandsaw ordered

    Well, after much procrastinating and general fretting, I decided to take the plunge and get a decent sized bandsaw. I currently have the Record BS250 which I love, but its resaw capacity does limit what I can do. The defining moment came when I was thicknessing a piece of 31mm oak to 19mm...
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    Saw bench project - almost complete

    In the latest issue of Quercus magazine there was an article on making a sawbench. This build was loosely based on the design in the article. The author had used standard mortice and tenon joinery, whereas I decided to make mine a little more interesting by using dovetail joints. The project...