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    Unplugged Workshop (Tom Fidgen) Subscribers?

    I'm thinking of subscribing to his online 'Studio' at $20/month. I'm a beginner with a lot to learn. Does anyone on here subscribe and want to provide some feedback please? Cheers.
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    Which is most efficient - square full length or required?

    Probably a doofus question, but i'm new to this, so please forgive me :) So, I took a look at the C6x6 inch rough sawn oak beams i'll be using for my bench legs and noticed quite a lot of twist, and wondered whether it would be best (in terms of hand planing time and material) to square as a...
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    Multico Multi Tool - - Withdrawn

    Good condition with table saw/morticing attachments, some turning chisels included (never used by me). 150 pick up only please.
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    Record Power Table Saw- 'Sold'

    Hardly used, good condition, moving and focusing on hand tools only. Fairly light construction. Free, pick up only :)
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    MiniMax S500P v Centauro CO500 v Felder FB510 Bandsaws

    Sorry to start another bandsaw thread, but i'd really appreciate some experienced help please. I find myself unable to decide between the single phase Centauro and Felder models, pictured below, and I hope a discussion may help others out too, because there's not a lot of information out there...
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    Felder FB 510 Bandsaw Opinions Please

    I'm thinking of getting one of these (won't be until after Christmas now), and would really appreciate any opinions or feedback from those that may have/used/seen one please. It'll form the backbone of my amateur (and possibly low volume trade eventually) shop, have to do plenty of resawing...
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    Jig Materials

    Thought I'd share this --used these guys last week for threaded stainless bar/A4/A2 bolts/ cast knobs/levers etc... I'm well happy after paying a bit ott on fleabay for cheapo plastic jig knobs/levers, this is the real deal for a little extra:
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    Record table saw and maybe an old school DW RSA...i'm scared

    Evening! I bulk bought some kiit last week, a Multico lathe, drill, a DW 125 rsa, and a Record RSTS10 1.1KW table saw. All very good condition, but here's the snag--after doing a lot of research on table saws(having never used one), I'm scared to turn it on (and hence haven't fine tuned yet) for...
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    Complete Newbie Looking for Kit Advice Please

    Hello everyone :) As in the title really. I intend to eventually use parralell planed interesting hardwood to create bookcases/tables/toybox/worktops, and to start developing my skills by practicing on hidden storage projects, maybe workbench, etc. I also wish to implement traditional joints...