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    Domestic Snow Clearing

    I think the general idea though is that if you (as in a general 'you' of the low IQ variety) can see there is white and slippery stuff in the way, then 'you' will take a bit more care about how you traverse the stuff and thus not break bone, whereas if we (as in the caring public who think...
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    Bread Makers - practical solution or a marketing exercise?

    you can always store flour in your freezer if you buy it in large amounts. We used to that when living in Africa, kept the weevils out, so I would think it would work here too.
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    Schools and snow

    We just aren't used to it in this country these days, and no one is prepared for it. I lived in Switzerland for 5 years, everyone has their winter gear, everyone has chains for their vehicles, everyone is used to driving in heavy snow, and more importantly, they have a good public transport...
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    What's the best way...

    Find a teacher, either for one-to-one or group lessons, it really will help more than trying to teach yourself at the start as you'll get that immediate feedback to help you progress. Practise - yes you need to build up callouses, no you don't need to make your fingers bleed to do so. Be...
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    Day of the Triffids

    I can't watch Merlin (the 2 recent BBC series) for the reason that it's not even close to the original legend, let alone the inconsistancies for the time period being portrayed in respect of the relationships which should be forming, and that a whole load of people are going to grow up and not...
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    Huh...heavy snow....I don't think so

    I still haven't seen any snow here since last february. I think where I live is just slightly out of sync with the weather people....
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    Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year!
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    New Piece

    I really like this piece, and I quite like the fact that you can achieve a metal look using wood, and although I too prefer to see natural wood, I can appreciate that sometimes it's appropriate to 'disguise' it. As I said, I like this piece, and in general appreciate Japanese inspired pieces...
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    So, what's wrong with my pendants?

    Maybe it's just me, but when I'm looking for a necklace/pendant it goes one of two ways. Mostly I look for something that is very simple, it's about the material as much as the shape, bit like the pendants in CHJ's post, if you are going to make another hole in the though, I'd probably be more...
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    Newbie say Hello, and looking for some advice

    I'm quite lucky, I live about 5 miles from Mark Hancock's studio, but also I've been going to the evening class he's been teaching as well :), well worth the effort :)
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    Newbie say Hello, and looking for some advice

    Now this would be a good idea apart from one fatal flaw, I like to knit as well :lol: I do like the idea of making at least one drop spindle for myself at some point :D This is why winning the lottery doesn't mean I'd have nothing to do once I was able to give up work. Mostly because after...
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    Newbie say Hello, and looking for some advice

    I really shouldn't lurk and type when i'm at work (though it does make the day more, I was going to say bearable but maybe that should be 'bare'-able? :lol: Thanks for the welcome, and I'm trying to keep to a budget at the present, I know from previous crafts I've picked up, how easy it is to...
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    Newbie say Hello, and looking for some advice

    That would be the right Mark. So essentially, any 'cheap' grinder will do, even if I have to get the white wheel seperately?
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    Newbie say Hello, and looking for some advice

    Hello! I just started learning to turn and was recommended to this site by Mark. About me, well I'm female and in my, well, let's leave the age bit alone :), but I've left school well behind me :) I live in gloucestershire but have a worcestershire postcode (I live on a wiggly county border...