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  1. pren

    Bandsaw TPI - machine struggling with coarse blades.

    Hi. I've had an Axminster AWSBS2 bandsaw for a few years. I recently bought a 3 TPI, 12mm premium blade from Tuff Saws for deep (3") ripping. Well, that's deep for me, anyway! :lol: Really fantastic service and super sharp blades. I've noticed since fitting it, the saw struggles with cuts it...
  2. pren

    'Designer' coffee table... (not spam, honest!)

    £149 for a coffee table. REDUCED from £299! Umm..... does anyone else just see a pallet on some castors? :-s
  3. pren

    Great Manchester Run - Cancer Research UK sponsorship

    Hi folks. I appreciate this may well be rather cheeky but I thought I'd put it out there. I'm running in the BUPA Great Manchester 10k Run in May. I've decided to run in aid of Cancer Research UK for several reasons. My auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, the mother of one of...
  4. pren

    Australian travel and spiders

    Hey. Bit of a random one! My good lady and I are planning a 12month working holiday in Oz at the end of the year. Looking for a bit of a change of scene. We'll probably be travelling all around the country, working on fruit farms. The one thing that's concerning us is the creepie crawlies. We...
  5. pren

    The scale of the Universe.

    Hey. Saw this the other day. Have to say I feel pretty insignificant now! :oops: :lol:
  6. pren

    Workshop size

    Hi folks. Happy Christmas eve! :ho2 I'm looking to be moving house in the next year or so. At the moment, I'm lucky enough to have a 5 x 3m workshop in my back garden. I have been working on a wide range of woodwork projects from fitted wardrobes and beds to small lovespoons and small...
  7. pren

    Working on my own drains.

    Hi all. We've had a problem with our drains for the past few months. They keep blocking with ..... festive cheer... =P~ Our friendly drain guy has identified the likely area of the blockage, probably a collapse. I'm confident in my abilities to dig up the area and patch in a new piece of...
  8. pren

    Now THIS is how you do a WIP!!

    Morning all. NASA are in the process of building their latest Mars rover. They've set up a live video feed of their workshop so you can watch them go about making it .... if you have nothing else to do. :lol: It's actually quite addictive. ...
  9. pren

    So you think you can spell? Click 'Next Question' to start. I scored 24. Damn Dyslexia! :lol:
  10. pren

    Wood choice for a 'buryable' treasure chest?

    Hi folks. I've been asked by a friend to try and make a 'time capsule' for her new niece that can be buried until her 18th birthday. She's going to give her a treasure map on the day. Cool idea! :D She'd really like it to be made from wood and look like a proper, piratey treasure chest...
  11. pren

    Rosetta stone (learning a new language)

    Hola! Just got back from 2 weeks in Lanzarote. Loved the place. I'm rather surprised at how quickly I picked up the basics of Spanish. (the very basics, i have to say :oops: ). I want to do more 'real' travelling and it seems that a lot of the countries I want to see have spanish as their...
  12. pren

    When does green wood stop being green?

    Hi all. I fancy having a go at some green wood carving having been inspired following a recent trip to Ffrrwm in caerleon, south wales. I was just wondering how long after felling is wood considered to be 'green'? Is there an ideal level of 'greeness' that is best for carving? I'm probably...
  13. pren

    Stockholm - any one been?

    Hey peeps. We've booked a few days stay in Stockholm on a bit of a whim. Just fancied a bit of a break that's something other than the usual bucket and spade affair. Other than generally wandering around, taking in the city, what else is there to do? I've heard the museum with the over built...
  14. pren

    Wireless USB LAN adapter help.

    Hey guys. Got one for the IT heads. I've got wireless broadband from BT, via their N router 'home hub'. It works fine with my netbook which has built in wi-fi. I bought a USB wireless LAN adapter to connect to my main PC upstairs so the hub could stay downstairs by the phone line in. I've...
  15. pren

    Bent chopsaw fence.

    Hi all. Just been using my dewalt 703 chopsaw for the first time this year. I've noticed that the outer ends of the fence seem to project around 4-5mm further out than the inner edges. :? That is to say, when I put a straight edge up against the whole fence, there's a 5mm gap between the SE...
  16. pren

    Fitting an Oak worktop.

    Hi all. Just about finished fitting some kitchen units. The clients have bought an oak worktop and have asked for a 45* corner joint. I've done mason mitre joints before but not a 45* one. I'd imagine it's a lot more straight forward but I want to make sure I've got my head around it before I...
  17. pren

    Fixing wall units to a 'stone' wall.

    Hi all. I've just been to look at a job in a really old cottage. The walls are made of stone (ie: boulders mortared in place - not sure what the actual term is :oops: ) and are covered in about an inch of plaster. The walls are pretty far out of plumb. What's the best way to fix kitchen...
  18. pren

    Go back to being Tweedy.

    Morning all. This song was written, sung and produced by a good friend of mine. He's been trying to break into the mainstream music scene for years without corporate backing. The more hits he gets on Youtube etc.. the greater his chances of being noticed. It's a really good song as well...
  19. pren

    Damp house and MFC / MDF kitchen units.

    Morning all. Just been to visit some clients who want a kitchen made by me. They're in the process of totally renovating a 200+ yr old farmhouse. It's been stood empty for the last 3yrs and has been in a very bad state of repair for the last 10yrs. Issues with leaking roofs and rising damp in...
  20. pren

    Mens Rules. (Probably old, but still funny.)

    We always hear 'the rules' From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered '1' ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up...