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    Which glue

    Hi, I'm assuming this is part of a timber structure. I would go down the path of putting a star connector between the timbers and then if, in the future, you need to take the structure apart you can without having to destroy the integrity of the structure. 'Gluing up' will make this much more...
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    Recommended stock supplier?

    Hi, using a scrappie is all well and good but how do you know the difference between rusty mild steel and something like cast steel? If you can give it a spark test then all well and good. I also think beside scrappies you can often find scrap steel on farms in the form of worn out implements...
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    timber price

    Felipe, very interesting and I do hope you're right.
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    New member Introduction

    I can assure you they are essential to the good order and work atmosphere in the workshop. Hell, we fought wars supported by copious amounts of tea, obtained an Empire to ensure tea supplies and need tea to lubricate our thinking muscles. If you drink tea you should be able to sit down to do it.
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    timber price

    Did a job this summer, sourcing cement was a problem and timber was very expensive, boards have also increased in price. Obviously the pandemic hasn't helped but the big issue is a shortage of HGV qualified drivers, many EU drivers have returned to their homes. I'm afraid this is due to Brexit...
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    New member Introduction

    Hi Simon, Make sure you have sawdust covered, I make lots of sawdust and not much else. Unless you count shavings. Materials storage is important, a good stove, kettle and chair are also essentials. Your big advantage is that you will be at home with IT application to our craft. CNC routing...
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    Accurate table saw needed

    Hey Landiman, I'd go rail saw and use a Mafell set up, you will not regret it. The other option is to enlarge your workspace if that's possible. I have a Sheppach 305mm table saw, afraid there are better saws out there. I would never recommend it for handling 2.4mx1.2m sheets.
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    Onduline roofing...

    Fit steel sheets and then insulate as required. When you're in your 70's, as I am, you want to fit and forget. Onduline is OK but at some point it will require attention.
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    New machinery purchasing advice

    Scott and Sargeant, you say. In all honesty I would get on the 'phone, explain the situation and see what they can do about it to help and advise your decision. They're a reputable company with a track record I'm sure, as a starting point, they will have a shiny piece of film for you to...