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    Tax question.

    I did a job for my niece last year, which ended up being much bigger than originally planned. As a consequence, she ran out of money and i agreed to defer my bill until the new year, so she could pay all the other trades and for materials. She now has the money to pay me and i was wondering if...
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    White stuff

    Just spent an hour in my workshop and when i came out i was shocked to see a blizzard going on and an inch of snow everywhere. :shock: Having a well insulated, windowless workshop, i usually have no idea what the weather is doing until i emerge.
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    Blum hinge question

    I made a kitchen for my niece recently, which included a larder unit with two MDF doors at the top. The doors are 1150 high and 360 wide and i attached them with three Blum 170 deg clip on hinges. She has subsequently asked me to make some storage/spice racks to attach to the back of the doors...
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    Couple of metalworking questions.

    Firstly, i need to cut a 5 or 6mm wide slot, about 75mm long in a piece of ali tube, which is 16g, or 1.6mm thick. Obviously a milling machine would do the trick but i don't have one, so is there another safe method to achieve this? Thinking it could be done with my router and a suitable bit or...
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    Katsu router (again).

    Just a quick question. About to purchase one of these but there seems to be two types on the Aims Tools site. One for £39.99 and one for £34.99. There is also different attachments and packages. The plunge base would be useful but not critical as it will mostly be used for rounding over. What is...
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    Joining ali tube.

    I'm a complete ignoramus with all things metal, so i thought i would venture over here to swarfland. :lol: I have asked this question before but i still haven't found a suitable answer. I need to butt join ali tube and i'm not sure how to do this satisfactorily. The easiest way and my...
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    Drill bit for ceramic tiles?

    Just tiled a shower room with floor and wall ceramic tiles and today tried to drill into it to fit all the fixtures. Had a bosch multi purpose bit which lasted for 2 holes into the floor to fix the toilet. Went to Screwfix and bought a couple of Dewalt Extreme masonary bits to fix shower and...
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    Which hinge?

    I'm currently making a larder unit for a job i'm doing and the customer wants spice/bottle racks attached to the back of the doors, which i'm also making. The doors will be 400 wide and 1150 high. Given the extra weight of the racks, do i need a beefier hinge than normal? Will be using full...
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    Router problem.

    My trusty old Makita 3600B finally missed a beat today. Was in the router table with just a small rounding over bit in it, when it started to sound a bit ropey, which got worse and worse, so i turned it off and it was very hot and smelled of burning. Checked the brushes and they looked fine , so...
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    Oak worktop suppliers.

    Can someone recommend a decent supplier of oak worktops? Got a price from Howdens today and they are way more expensive than the companies i've looked at online. Always a risk buying unseen though.
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    Simple table advice.

    Niece is a school headmistress and has asked me if i can make a simple conference table from an oak top with screw on legs. They can't find anything they like off the shelf and in budget, so someone suggested this route. Any suggestions as to where to source said top and legs would be...
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    Any wall/floor tilers on the forum?

    Could do with a recommendation for an adhesive that will be suitable for tiling onto tiles with large ceramics. I'd initially bought Mapei D2 tub stuff which is suitable but have since learned that they don't recommend using it on tiles over 300mmx300mm because of it not drying properly due to...
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    Adhesive for boarding to a wall?

    I want to stick a sheet of mrmdf to a tiled wall in a sort of dot and dab fashion. No room for battens, so direct attachment is the only option, with a few strategically placed screws to hold it firm. I could just put loads of screws in but i don't want to do that. Would some kind of foaming...
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    Question for kitchen fitters.

    Done lots of kitchen fitting in my time but not done any for a good while now and i have one to do for my sister. Since i've been away from fitting, it seems integrated microwaves have become de rigueur and i'm having a job finding one that will fit in a Howden wall unit without paying them a...
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    31/64" Brad point bit?

    I need a brad point bit slightly over 12mm but not as big as 1/2" (12.7mm) and the nearest i can get to that is 31/64", which is around 12.3 mm. Trouble is i can't find one. Plenty on American sites and i have found one that Fisch make for doing pen blanks but it is £22 and i don't want to pay...
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    Joining aluminium tube.

    I need to join some ali tube and would welcome suggestions as to the best way to approach this as i am a novice in all things metal. The join can be permanently fixed one side but needs to be detachable the other. I was thinking of plastic tube joiners, which you can buy with metal inserts for...
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    Need some circles printing.

    I need to print out some circles with segmented lines that i can stick to wood. Been doing them with a pencil and compass but i use a few and thought i would just print out a load for future use. What programme would be best for this application? Ta!
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    Aluminium tubing questions.

    First time on the metalwork forum for me as i'm a woody but i am looking for a bit of info on ali tubing. I bought some 1' 1/4" and 1' 3/8" 16g last week without really knowing anything about different grades. The stuff i got was 6063 T6 and i understand that 6061 T6 is the better stuff. I have...
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    Lidl Thursday.

    Doing various tools and DIY stuff this week, among them a wet and dry vac for £50, which i'm going to purchase. 3 year guarantee, you can't go wrong for that money.
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    Buying and using Ash.

    I've been a jobbing and site joiner my whole working life and have worked with wood ever since a can remember, but it's been 95% pine/deal/redwood, whatever you want to call it, with the odd foray using oak, beech and ash, mainly skirting, architraves and worktops, that sort of thing. I'm on...