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    Electra Beckum HC260 - keeps blowing fuses!

    Hi all, After extensive googling, I'm struggling to find the answer and hoping one of you guys may be able to help. I've got an Electra Beckum HC260C and almost every time I use it, I blow at least one fuse in the plug, sometimes 2-3 in trying to get it started. It's in my workshop at the end...
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    Fobco 7eight ‘bench’ drill

    Fantastic condition, has some surface rust on the base but easily removed and a bit of grease on the rest of it but everything is tight and fully working. Single phase. £600 If I get time, I plan to clean it up and take some decent pictures and sell it for a couple of hundred more. I’ll try and...
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    Recommendation for a big roughing gouge

    Evening all, I was speaking to a chap a while back and he showed me a big heavy old chisel that he had and used as a roughing gouge (roughly 30” long with a 2” wide end). I have been on the look out for one myself as it seemed like a good idea but have so far been unable to find anything...
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    Electra Beckum HC260 - how noisy?

    Evening all, I’ve just picked up an HC260(k) which looks pretty much brand new. The fuse was blown but that was an easy fix. I’m after views on how noisy I should expect it to be when running but before feeding any wood. It seems to have a bit of vibration but I don’t know if it’s something...
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    Milling oak logs

    Not sure if anyone on here will have any expertise in this matter but worth a shot... I’ve got 3 big oak logs (roughly 7ft long by 3ft wide) which I want to mill down into 2-3” boards. First question is about sealing the ends, so far I’ve used pva which seems to be a reasonable idea but there...