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    Kitchen Plinth Jointing

    I used a jig (borrowed) for the corners and biscuits for the little extension, all joints sealed using silicon. The joints where done 15 years ago, as you can see they are still OK today. All the cuts were done with a router and a relatively new bit.
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    Digital bevel box measuring device

    Hi Devonwoody, (I maybe missing the point), The bevel box will give the Blade tilt with respect to the table, it cannot measure the angle of the blade with respect to the mitre slot.
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    Digital bevel box measuring device

    I have been using the Axminster Bevel Box for about 18 months or so. I originally purchased it thinking it was a "would be nice gadget (it was on offer); I was so wrong, I now use it whenever I set the blade, tilt the band saw table etc. I have found it is accurate too, if the Bevel Box reads...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Mike
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    Dewalt 712 Blade

    I agree with both Noel & Scott. Scott, Anti break-out block, could you drop a posting with a picture when you have tried it out? I am intrigued.. Mike
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    Dewalt 712

    Hi Grumf & Gav, welcome aboard. I bought DW712 last year and am very happy with it and have never regretted spending the money on-it. The only modification I have made was to purchase a fine cut blade for it. It is so nice to cut mitres and bevels that meet up cleanly without any unsightly...
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    Hi Alan, You will be pleased to know I can see your clock, it looks very nice. Mike
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    The Easter bunny got away with it for another year

    There I was out in the garden at 0630 this morning hiding the eggs for my two daughters when I noticed one of them looking out of their window – I quickly dashed behind a bush but knew the game was up :( . The curtain dropped and I ran to the next tree before she looked out of the window...
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    Pheew back at last :) Murphy's law hits again.
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    Hi Charley, The New look "looks" great =D> . I have found the pull-down menus in the Member list page are "underneath" the Select sort method & order fields, thus the items in the pull down selection are not visible in these areas.
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    Moisture Meters

    Hi Tim, at £899.00 + VAT a piece I can see us all rushing out to buy one. :wink: :lol:
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    Dust Extractor with cartridge

    Hi Simon, I don't know what material mine is made of, but the guy's from EB-UK recommended the "tap" on the cage and if I remember rightly they also suggested using compressed air occasionally, they did not mention using water. I am not sure if water under pressure would damage the cartridge...
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    Dust Extractor with cartridge

    Until now I too have just tapped the sides of the filter to clear it; it is quite surprising how much dust drops down in to the bag when you do this. After three bags full of sawdust it's time to do as waterhead37 does, and give it a good blast from the outside with an air-compressor as I have...
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    Dust Extractor with cartridge

    It took a while but here is a picture: The only thing you have to watch for is the height (1m87), kinda obvious I guess...
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    Economy Router Lifter and Fine Height Adjuster.

    fantastic, I'll be trying this out shortly. Mike
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    How do you do it?

    I use a Festo VS500, with a Bosch POF800 ACE - in fact I am about to do another five drawers this morning. I bought the VS500 relatively cheaply, it was an ex demo and the VS600 had just been released. It's quick to use (just need's a little setting up) and cuts both sides of the joint at the...
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    Dust Extractor with cartridge

    Hi, I bought the cartridge filter for my SPA1100 localy in France, but don't worry you can get them in the UK for roughly £100. The EB Part number is : 091 300 5058 I was given a quote in the UK by Lawsons I'll post a picture a little later.
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    Dust Extractor with cartridge

    Hi Badger, About nine months ago I bought an EB SPA1100 for use with my bandsaw and P/T. The first few weeks were OK until I started coughing and found a thin layer of dust covered everything in the garage. After a little searching on the internet, I discovered the "filter sack" provided with...
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    Which Table Saw PLEASE HELP!

    Seaco, Welcome aboard. I have the Scheppach TS2500ci with a 2m sliding table a side extension and a mobile base. I wanted something that would give me decent cuts, cut the big stuff when required and could be packed away easily what I need to get the car in the Garage. As Martin wrote the...
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    Dado Safety Guard Shocker

    Martin, And to stay in line with subject; if you do use a slot cutter, what do you do to protect yourself from the blades? DemiFrog