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  1. p111dom

    Makita or Dewalt

    I need an impact wrench so was going to just get the Ryobi one to go with my set but its expensive and my one series batteries are way past their best. Makita do one, think its a TW100d but at around £150 with two batteries I thought I'd get the 10.8v drill driver combo set with two bats for...
  2. p111dom

    Big thanks to Mike Dempsey

    Took a trip up to Mike Dempsey's (acewoodturner) workshop yesterday. Made a little video of it here. Thanks again Mike.
  3. p111dom

    Odd electrical cable

    Picked up a bathroom fan with some others items at a auction. It's in as new condition apart from the wire which had had its white shroud stripped down most of the wire exiting the cable. Just needs a new cable wiring in but it's a double live single neutral cable that I can't find anywhere. Is...
  4. p111dom

    Computer problem

    I have a route log in problem which is difficuilt to explain so I've made a temp video on youtube here Any advice? Appologies for he crappy quality Thanks
  5. p111dom

    Fuse problem

    I've been restoring an old radio and in testing the voltage of an internal bulb I appear to have blown the fuse. Not a problem you might think but it's a 20mm by 5mm (standard) but its only 35mA and I can't find that size anywhere. Any ideas?
  6. p111dom

    Question for a sparky

    So yesterday after running for about 10 minutes there was an almightily flash and a bang from my extractor tripping the MCB. After resetting, one of the two motors is now not running. On dismantling I found that the capacitor rather than the motor was to blame having exploded in the upper...
  7. p111dom

    Email help

    Hello again. Got all the system up and running but am having a problem with Outlook 2010. Emails keep disappearing. They appear in my inbox then disappear within a few minutes. The net seems to suggest I have a viewing filter on and tells you to check it which I've done but no where is there an...
  8. p111dom

    Screen resolution help

    Ok got the new computer built and have plugged it into my 23" monitor and the pictures great but there's a black boarder all the way around the screen. The scale is correct it just doesn't go to the edge of the screen. Have updated the driver and set the resolution on max to no avail. Any ideas??
  9. p111dom

    Computer case advise

    Need a new case then. Looking for as small as possible while taking a full size ATX motherboard. My old Dells case was amazing. Really thick steel. Quick release side panel. Quick release cd and hard drives. Massive fan that ran slow so was quiet. The ones down the local computer shop look and...
  10. p111dom

    Monitor Help

    I've bought a new monitor for a relatively only base unit. It's an LG M2380, a 23inch wide screen tv/monitor. The problem in that the picture is terrible on the computer. It's really blurred. I've installed the correct driver and googled for help which reckoned that I should be selecting a...
  11. p111dom

    Found a bargain

    If any one wants a bargain compressor there's one on the model engineers web site here. Its a Bambi so is a silent one like the one I have. They cost a fortune but the guys asking for only £120. If I didn't have one already I'd have his hand off.
  12. p111dom

    Where's it gone???

    Where's the for sale section gone?
  13. p111dom

    Question for 16-32 owners

    I've finally bought one of these after talking about it for 18 months. It's used but in great condition. It came with a 40 grit loading on it which while removing material quickly is a little aggressive for my oak stock. What grit paper do other owners recommend?
  14. p111dom


    Dear all, this year I'm taking part in Movember which for those that don't know is an annual charity event for prostate cancer. Having lost my grandfather a few year ago to the very same condition this is a cause I can directly relate to. Why Movember? Well a Mo is short for moustache and the...
  15. p111dom

    Shelf pins/pegs

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of a book case project and need some shelf pins. There are lots around but my sister kitchen has pins that are chrome/chrome effect metal pins that fit into a metal sleeve in the carcass. I like this feature as the veneered mdf would be much less likely to get chipped...
  16. p111dom

    Bugg-er! Insect hole in resawn Oak.

    I was resawing some oak today and I didn't notice this hole till I was pretty much finished the cut. Here's a finger to give you an idea of size. Initially I though it must be a nail hole from something pinned to the tree but when I opered the boards I found this. This bug is very...
  17. p111dom

    Garage conversion

    So it's starting to get colder already up in Scotland and the garage it unusably cold in the winter. It's been exclusively been used as a workshop for 5 years now so I think it's time to bite the bullet and convert it properly but how? It's a single walled brick double garage attached to the...
  18. p111dom

    Free clamps

    I have a couple of record (or at least record style) 36 inch T bar clamps getting in the way and on my nerves. Free to pick up by any local forum member near Dunfermline. Just send me a PM. Cheers
  19. p111dom


    Sorry I know this is the wrong section to ask this but I need an answer quickly and the finishing section can take a while to get a reply. I'm nearing the end if a much delayed project and wanted to go for a spray finish. I have Genetal Finishes wipe on poly but was told by the importer and...
  20. p111dom

    Questions on general finishes finishes.

    Having used Osmo pretty much exclusively for two years now I have a project that really needs something that offers a bit more protection. Arm a Seal is the way I want to go but I have a few questions. Firstly I'd like to apply a sanding sealer first mainly as this will show up any areas I...