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  1. J

    `crazy or what

    I think you'll find that only some of the funding of the Arts Council is funded by the Govt. The rest comes from the National Lottery and you're ignoring the duration and educational argument!
  2. J

    `crazy or what

    Not sure if you guys get the point! I understand the point being made as this: the likes of Kew Gardens, Museums etc have to be self funding and they provide interest to a large number of people over several generations, to say nothing of the history and educational value. They charge a small...
  3. J

    You can't beat British justice.

    I find it irritating that we pay a fortune in city rents for immigrants and people that are long term unemployed. They should live outside the city if they don't have the money to pay the premium. If they don't work, why do they need to be there. If my house was in London, it would be worth 4...
  4. J

    Why is Richard a cucumber!!!

    Strange! I could see the word cucumber before, but it now says dick! Have they changed something?