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    For Sale Makita table saw, 2704, withdrawn unsold

    But let's not forget that you can't throw a kity in the back of the van daily and then up flights of stairs! This whole thing has been a case of comparing apples to oranges.... Different horses , different courses.... (y)
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    Sold Veritas Honing guide Mk.II

    If Sammy goes AWOL:ROFLMAO: then yes please I'll take that...
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    For Sale Makita table saw, 2704, withdrawn unsold

    With the greatest respects intended here, the MLT is no comparison to the 2704 which is also nearly twice its price! Perhaps talking numbers is also best left to direct messages also....
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Well, it turns out that Martyn couldn’t resist the temptation of the PSB!. So all items sold. Goodluck with your projects Martyn 👍
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Likewise Martyn, Good to meet you (y)
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Hello mate. Have replied via Chat 👍
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Have trimmed the prices a little, but these would be for a quick easy sale before I'm forced to use eBay!...
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Likewise Mick. May you get many happy hrs playing working with the saw (y)
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    Room dividing aquarium.

    Not my type of design style but that looks good. Have always wanted to make a wall aquarium (y)
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Makita DSS610 Sold STC.
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    Securing your workshop

    As per the rest of my post, in my situation I am lucky to have neighbours that would be around during the day and straight on it. But you are correct, many get ignored...
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Replied (y)
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    Securing your workshop

    Bit late to this thread but sorry to hear about your experience. I also had the same, built an oak framed unit and hadn’t alarmed it... Came to the van in the morning and door had been jemmied open. £7.5k gone!! 🙈💩 Utter scum. At that stage I was thinking of an early warning system linked to...
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    Choc block connectors

    As others have said... Move into the future and get some Wagos 👍 On really thin stuff then solder/ heat shrink.
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    Speeding up sanding process (seeking advice)

    I’m no expert on large machines but I can say a Rotex will make light work of taking it down. That’s possibly your easiest / smallest / cheapest solution 👍. Does also sound potentially like your router sled / router combo isn’t performing as well as it could...
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    Curved laminated leg side table

    That looks great 👍. More spiritual than practical!
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    For Sale Festool & Makita All SOLD

    Hi there folks, have a few items to sell and thought I’d put them in here before eBay... 1. Festool PSB420 - Great condition with low use, comes in original systainer with manual and Bosch Clean cut blade. £225 + Postage EDIT: £200 + Postage for an easy sale SOLD SOLD SOLD 2.Makita DSS610 Bare...
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    A bit more modern from bobby

    B-E-A-UTIFUL!!.. Very smart looking kitchen there.. Love the sleekness of Corian, but have always found it to be very easy to scratch and burn.... Which isn't fab for kitchens... Unless they changed the material these days?
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    Makita 2704 table saw (Which blade)

    I have the same saw and also approaching a similar position... Did have a quick look about but not come to any conclusion I'm afraid! I guess like most of these things we probably need 2 blades at least... Maybe try one of the usual replacements and get your original sharpened?..
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    Rutlands mini table saw

    I saw that offer. Looks really nice in the pics but feedback would be better before purchase I guess... (PS. Bolts coming!)