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    Fire door regs?

    I'm hanging some doors for a customer in an extension they have just had done, one of the doors is a fire door between the utility room and garage. I don't do this kind of thing much these days so wondered if someone could advise me on the current regs? The frame is already fitted and the door...
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    Castors for under bed drawers on carpet?

    I need to make a couple of under bed storage drawers which will be on a carpeted floor (thickish carpet), just wondered if anyone knows what the best type of castors are in this situation? I have read that hard plastic or metal are better on carpet as they cut through the pile :dunno...
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    Upgrading loft insulation and wiring

    I am upgrading the insulation in my exes loft from 100mm to 270mm by laying some 170mm insulation perpendicular to the existing so it also goes over the joist. We have had an electrician in as some of the ceiling lights are being replaced by spots, he has also tidied up the wiring in the loft a...
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    Why use a cyclone on your vac for power tools?

    As the title says, asking this as many people seem to use them and recommend them but I have never really understood why? I have a Festool CT36 which I use with my router, plunge saw, domino etc, works really well, takes ages to fill a bag and the filters never seem to get dirty. I see these...
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    What eats MDF?

    A customer has asked me to fix some rot in the bottoms of a couple of sliding sash bay windows, the windows are Sapele and only about 12 years old (I didn't make them). The fronts had some cover caps on which looked really rotten at the bottom, when I removed them they were just MR MDF and were...
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    Storage heater stopped working

    My mother has a small storage heater in her bathroom which has stopped working. In the past when other storage heaters have stopped working the electrician has come out, taken the front off and just clicked a reset button. He showed me how to do it but it was quite a while ago and this one...
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    Chestnut fencing

    Guess this counts as general woodworking? Thinking of using something like this in part of my garden, will be about a 20m run. Anyone got any experience or advice on using it or where to buy it? Thanks, Doug
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    Best finish for antique pine look?

    Just made a bookcase for a customer which is a mix of pine and pine veneered MDF. They are going to stain it to match some other stained pine around the house and have asked me the best way to finish it. I know the previous owner of the house and am waiting for them to get back to me with what...
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    Evenwood saw and Wadkin planer

    A local builder is packing up and asked if I knew anyone who might want some old machines he has. They won't be available for a week or two and I don't know what he wants for them yet but if anyone is interested message me and I can pass on their details. Location is Yorkshire between Selby...
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    Dominos at awkward angles?

    I need to put some dominos in some carcasses which have sloping tops, it's one of those angles that the domino won't really work for (you end up trying to reference off the point of the mitre). I seem to remember @Derek Cohen (Perth Oz) posting some pics of a work around he used but can't find...
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    Built in bookcase WIP

    Making a bookcase for a customer and thought I would try and take some photos as I went along. Something like this hopefully (I don't do Sketch up etc), it's about 2.6m high and 3.1m long. The front and shelves will be pine so they can be stained to match other bits around the house, the...
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    Boarding loft and loft ladder advice

    Think I can get away with putting this in the general woodworking section 🤔 I have been given the job of sorting out my ex's loft so after a bit of advice please. I need to add some more insulation and board out an area for storage. What is a good system to lift the boarding up above the...
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    Sedgwick MB Vee belt

    My old Sedgwick MB planer recently started throwing off it's Vee belt, when I checked it had a split in it so I went to get a new one. The chap where I get them from laughed at it and said it was about 40 years old so I presume the original belt. When I was fitting it I noticed that the pulleys...
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    Preserver that turns wood grey?

    I have seen a preserver mentioned on here a few times that turns new wood grey giving it an aged look, I want to try it on some garden posts but now I want it I can't find it, I think there was only one supplier? Anybody know what it is called or where I can get it? Thanks, Doug
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    Karndean flooring, removal and replacement?

    I have a large under stair bookcase to make and fit for a customer. Where the bookcase is going there used to be a fake fireplace with hearth, when the hearth was removed it has left a small gap in the Karndean flooring which the bookcase won't cover. Of course the flooring runs at 90 degrees to...
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    Rutlands pocket hole screws?

    I don't use pocket hole joinery much but sometimes it is useful, being tight I normally just use round head screws rather than the proper ones. Todays email from everyone's favourite supplier Rutlands was pushing these today, sounds a good deal...
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    Anyone in York area interested in railways/steam trains?

    Unfortunately my uncle has had to go into a nursing home and we are in the process of emptying his house for it to be sold. He has a collection of books and DVD's on railways and trains which he hoped that the NYMR would have but they say they already have too much stuff as many people had a...
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    Nice Ebay site

    Never bought anything from here but have them as one of my saved sellers as they normally have some nice stuff. Loving the 500KG waterfall sander :cool:
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    New Fence Posts?

    Just lost about 13m of fence in the wind today, all the posts just snapped off at ground level, I thought it was getting a bit wobbly but didn't think it was that bad :( It's about a 1.5m high closed board fence (think that's the name), basically featherboard on rails, not panels. I'm planning...
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    Which Dehumidifier?

    I am just looking at buying a dehumidifier for my mothers house and noticed @Sideways mentioned one he uses in another thread so I thought why not ask for recommendations on here. Bit of background, it's an old 2 bedroom place with a few damp issues, probably not helped by the fact that my...