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  1. J

    Do you have to sleep there?

    Dangnabbit Spark, with the entire garden at your disposal, you have to sleep under the mitre saw??
  2. J


    Is this a ridiculous amount of mineral in the wood fibre, or am I seeing what's not there to excuse for not sufficiently sharpening my plane irons? I think it's teak, recovered from the frame of 'vintage' coffee table. Kicking the pineapples out of my tools. *edit* low res photo on forum...
  3. J

    Bosch GFF 22A biscuit jointer for peanuts

    Misidentified as a side-saw, whatever that is. Current bid £34, ending Jan 4. I'd go for it, except I'm in RoI.
  4. J

    Alternative wood for plane totes / saw handles

    Hi all What more-or-less common woods would be suitable for plane and saw handles? I recently binned my stash of beechwood and it's hard to find more right now. I have roughsawn oak, and odd ends of mahogany and teak to hand, as well as more CLS than you can shake a stick at. Would I be...
  5. J

    Help ID saw Sheffield Cast Steel

    Hi all Picked up a saw at the car boot, confounded by the maker/retailer mark. Looks like "Black & Milanda" or "Black & Milarsa". Seems a weird name and googling isn't helping. Other marks are "Capital", "Cast Steel", "705" and "Sheffield", and a crown stamped on either side of the mark...
  6. J

    **Never mind*** Teak Veneer - cannot be got?

    Hi all, An in-train project requires repairing damaged veneer - but I cannot for the life of me find teak veneer. As much walnut, cherry and mahogony as you can shake a stick at, but no teak. One supplier in the UK who does stock teak, quoted postage costs equal to the price of the veneer...
  7. J

    Dissapointing paint finish - how to improve?

    Hi all, Any ideas on improving a dissapointing finish on paint? To finish my kids bed/drawer/book shelf project, someone (not me!) got own-brand interior (water based) wood paint from B&Q, rather than the more expensive Dulux. Supposedly in mid sheen finish. But it's come out as a flat matt...
  8. J

    Suddenly seeing ads?

    @Angie Why am I suddenly seeing ads, as of today? Connecting via mobile.
  9. J

    Boxford AUD Lathe (in Dublin)

    May be of interest, the lathe has popped up at a local auction in Dublin; Boxford AUD Lathe Various lathe-related items also in the same auction, I assume from the same workshop.
  10. J

    what type of wood? Need to replace veneer

    Hi guys I need to replace the veneer on thus rather lovely Parker Knoll coffee table, but the question is, what wood is this? The same tables online say teak, but I'm not sure thats not just lazy sellers putting 'teak! Teak! Teak' on everything. Same adverts say the '60s, but it looks more...
  11. J

    Bronze Miniature Hand Plane - What Use?

    Hi all A local auctioneer has 3 of these handplanes, described as above and as being approx 3 inches wide. What an earth are they for? Would they be worth a punt? I'm not a hand plane collector per se. This auctioneer doesn't usually have hand tools so I suspect these are a from a deceased...
  12. J

    Parkside Thread - (in)famous plasmer cutter on sale in Rep Ireland Lidl next week, probably in UK the week after? Parkside Plasma Cutter Still waiting on the bandsaw to appear. :(
  13. J

    Amazon - delivery to Ireland

    So I've been doing some reading and, for those on here who are based in RoI, there's some good news. 1. Amazon UK are correctly calculating and charging VAT & Duty on checkout, so no unexpected charges from couriers should be levied; Money Guide Ireland - Amazon post-BREXIT 2. Amazon have a...
  14. J

    And BREXIT Bites

    Another thread has been dealing with the ramifications of BREXIT on getting goods into and out of the EU. This thread is about concrete consequences, like me, being based in Rep. Ireland, losing access to most of the Amazon Prime UK library. My Amazon Prime subscription is with Amazon UK...
  15. J

    Paint Workshop Walls?

    Hi all just getting to the finishing stages of my workshop, and I'm wondering if I should paint my walls or leave bare? I've clad the walls in recovered pallets, some of which I've roughly planed clean, other's I've left au naturale, i.e. worse for wear. Ceiling is pine 9mm T&G. I was thinking...