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  1. Mark Karacsonyi

    Return to my workshop

    In early April 2022, I was unfortunate to suffer a broken spine related to removing asbestos sheets from a shed roof. After months of laying in bed later limited movement in a wheelchair. The good news is as of today, I am now on crutches and able to visit my workshop. After celebration...
  2. Mark Karacsonyi

    Rebates for speakers in speaker boxes

    Hi all, Hoping for some guidance here. I have been asked to recess some speakers into a soon to be built speaker boxes. My challenges are: The material in question is face veneered MDF. The veneer is beech. I don’t yet know the veneer thickness or the MDF thickness, suspecting 18mm. My...
  3. Mark Karacsonyi

    Not just another table saw thread

    Hi all, As part of my workshop downsize, I am looking for a small footprint table saw. This is something which will be bench mounted, so more or less static. Accuracy is my number one concern, as I am making the transition into box making, so mitres etc, need to be pretty much spot on. I...
  4. Mark Karacsonyi

    Triton Tool Availability

    Hi all, Asking for a friend who loves my benchtop planer the TPSL 152. As I point blank refuse to lend it out, does anyone know of anyone stocking said model. The U.K. and Europe searches have drawn a blank. Triton don’t respond to emails. Thanks in advance.
  5. Mark Karacsonyi

    Humidor query

    Hi all, I am currently building a humidor, for a friend of mine. I have one question, the carcass and shelving will be constructed of Cedar of Lebanon. However I need to make the door which will be glazed from something else. Can anyone suggest a compatible wood?
  6. Mark Karacsonyi

    Triton Surface Planer TSPL 152

    Needed to pickup a new desktop surface planer, due to abuse and age of my old one. The Triton caught my eye, likely due to the Orange. Owning two of their routers I thought why not. On the weekend cutting a number of Cherry veneers, straight from the log, making a planer pass between cuts, I...
  7. Mark Karacsonyi

    Worn Japanese saw blades

    I hope I put this in the apt thread. Has anyone any ideas to put to worn blades, from a Japanese saw. I have a number of old Hassunme blades. The steel is of a different quality to Western steel. have considered giving them to a knife maker, thought I would query this forum first.
  8. Mark Karacsonyi

    Wood Identification Required

    Hi all, Hoping for a wood ID. The pictured is 3’x6”x4”. Very heavy for its dimensions. When cut is very fragrant. Splinters really do sting and easy to pick up. Any help required.
  9. Mark Karacsonyi

    Importance of safety

    A big thankyou to the god of safety glasses. This router bit hit a knot. The piece that flew of marked my safety glasses as it hit it.
  10. Mark Karacsonyi

    Tambour Doors

    Hi all, Has anyone any experience in making the rollover top, type of tambour doors. They are to make bread bins. I need to make approx 15 of these, for a startup business. More orders may follow. I have a suspicion this will be a router table project. Nearly forgot. The door ‘slats’...
  11. Mark Karacsonyi

    Bandsaw Blades

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. I have only ever used bandsaw blades from Axminster. I have no complaints about them. Due to the Brexit no deal possibility, and uncertainty and not living in the U.K., I was wondering if anyone could recommend any other brands, which I may be able to spur S...
  12. Mark Karacsonyi

    Best fixed base router

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good fixed base router, that can ideally take 1/2” bits. Ebay is not helpful unless you are in the US, which is no help living in the 240 volt world.
  13. Mark Karacsonyi

    Dogs and car wheels

    Hi all, Does anyone have any suggestions to deter dogs from urinating on my car wheels. I find The commercial products are only 5 minute wonders. The owners are generally *wits, who can only communicate in mono syllables. Thanks, Mark Karácsonyi- Nicholls
  14. Mark Karacsonyi

    Hi and some help needed

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, so please be gentle. Firstly I am a Brit, who lives in Budapest - Hungary, so anyone coming over please give me a wave. I have been living here for 15 years, married to one of the locals. I have my own workshop, which is still in renovation after...
  15. Mark Karacsonyi

    Hello and router advice if possible

    Hi all, Have joined the forum some time ago and been looking through past posts. Essentially have been off the tools for some time, have spent the last year plus, building them back up. Mainly famous/reputable names, Record/Marples, Robert Sorby, Ashley Iles, Record, veritas etc., via a well...